The Family Circumstances of the Irregular Witch – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Episode 9

The Family Circumstances Episode 9 opens with Viola wondering about the man Alyssa appears worried about meeting again. Viola is determined to find out everything there is to know about the mystery man, and the fact that Alyssa seemed so distressed when her aunt Luna brought him up stayed with her.

Before calling Aunt Luna, Viola consults with Phoenix about the situation. In response to her question about the man, Luna refuses to spill the beans, claiming that she has no business telling Viola if Alyssa isn’t comfortable doing so.

Viola then gets in touch with Aunt Giriko to find out details regarding the man. Giriko continues by saying that she has no idea who Viola is referring to.

Following that, Viola stops by Lira’s shop. Although she, too, is in the dark, Lira does her best to speculate about the identity of the mysterious person. Shortly after, a man walks in the store and inquires about Alyssa. Aunt Lira grows furious with him after he hits on Viola.

Alyssa enters the room not long after and discovers the man lying on the floor. She then reveals that the man is her father Auri. The fact that Alyssa withheld Viola’s information from Auri has upset him. However, she explains to him that she didn’t want Viola to be impacted by his negative influence.

Auri promptly chooses to leave to avoid causing any trouble for Alyssa. However, she asks him to stay for the day. However, when Lira reveals that he hit on Viola, she kicks him out immediately.

Later that day, Viola is upset about not getting to know much of Auri. Alyssa, nevertheless, tells her that he will be visiting shortly. Additionally, she tells her about her mother who visited Viola when she was a kid.

The Episode Review

The ninth episode finally reveals the mystery man’s identity to both Viola and the audience. Auri and Alyssa’s dynamic throughout this episode is quite enjoyable. Additionally, we get to know a little about Alyssa’s mother.

As a whole, the episode is captivating, thrilling and enjoyable. However, it’s clear that the animation is losing quality. But compared to earlier episodes, the plot is looking better now.

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