The Family Circumstances of the Irregular Witch – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Circumstances of Yep—Oops—Of Course These Are Pastries! / The Insomnia Circumstances of the Sleep Fairy

In The Family Circumstances Episode 7, Viola is in the kitchen making cookies. She seems in the mood to bake, as she is very proud to show Alyssa what she has made. Alyssa, however, can’t get the shape of the poop in her cookies out of her mind.

After some thought, Alyssa suggests that they bake cookies together, but in a different hue than brown, so that it doesn’t appear like feces. Alyssa is left in good spirits, despite the fact that the cookies turned out looking like rainbow poop.

Viola closes this segment by offering her sweets to her friends and family. We see them gathered together, munching on warm biscuits.

The second portion of the show opens with Viola reading a book. Alyssa comes in shortly after and tells her to go to sleep. Here, Alyssa meets Sandman, a sleep fairy who travels with a bag of enchanted sand.

Sandman tells Alyssa that he’s struggling to sleep. Following this, Alyssa offers some suggestions to help Sandman get some rest, all of which he flatly refuses to try. At the end of the episode, Alyssa and Viola take Sandman to a doctor, who is able to help him.

The Episode Review

In the seventh episode, Viola has a cookie-baking hankering and chooses to mold them into interesting shapes. Following that, Alyssa and Viola make an effort to solve a problem for Sandman.

This episode, like the one before it, is much better than the previous ones. The show’s comedic quality has also improved, which is fantastic.

We’ll have to see the way the show advances moving forward. That said, if it keeps heading in this direction, I’m looking forward to watching it.

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