The Family Circumstances of the Irregular Witch – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Assemblage Circumstances of the Rose Garden

In The Family Circumstances Episode 6, a fairy by the name of Rosehip stops by Alyssa’s house. She then asks Alyssa and Viola to lend a hand to her as she deals with her brother.

We now follow Alyssa and Viola as they pay a visit to a young lady by the name of Anna Fiatio. She goes on to tell them about her garden not flowering anymore, which is a great cause of concern for her. Torino Ombrello, whom she plans to marry, is another person she introduces them to.

Alyssa and Viola meet Rosehip’s brother, the Meadowsweet fairy named Sweet Cheeks, following that. The reason why the garden isn’t blooming is because Sweet Cheeks doesn’t want Anna to marry Torino.

They decide to investigate Torino’s background in order to determine whether or not he is dangerous to Anna after throwing around a few ideas. On doing some mirror snooping, they learn that Torino is an amazing guy. Consequently, Sweet Cheeks has no alternative but to give Anna the option to marry Torino.

It is then revealed to Alyssa and Viola that Anna, being merely human, is unable to see the two fairies who help her. Since Sweet Cheeks has taken on a fatherly role with Anna, he naturally wants the best for her. Anna finds solace in the knowledge that her late father is watching over her in the garden, and Sweet Cheeks has no intention to strip her of this.

While Anna and her fiance Torino are in the garden towards the end of the episode, Sweet Cheeks causes the flowers to bloom once more. This symbolises the fact that he has given them his blessing.

The Episode Review

In the sixth episode, Alyssa is asked to intervene on behalf of a garden fairy who needs help talking sense into his sibling. Though it’s an alarming circumstance, Viola can’t help but notice that the garden’s fairies resemble something other than flowers.

The episode is the best one of the anime thus far. This doesn’t mean it’s flawless, but it is a huge step up from the season’s previous episodes. This episode features a tale that packs a lot of emotional punch. That said, the humour continues to fall flat.

Overall, it was a fun episode to watch. If the show keeps going in this direction, upcoming episodes should be entertaining to watch.

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