The Family Circumstances of the Irregular Witch – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Classified Circumstances of the Elfin Forest / The Potato-Digging Circumstances of Love and Legend

Episode 5 starts with Fennel finding out that Viola has left the house to go shopping. Following this, he decides to make the most of the situation and hurries to spend time with Alyssa.

Fennel visits Alyssa at her home and finds Glind there, tending to her needs. He suggests that Glind go home so that he and Alyssa can have some time to themselves. Glind, however, refuses to leave, claiming that Viola specifically requested his help in keeping her mother from Fennel.

Fennel and Glind have an argument over elves not long after. Glind has high standards for elves, but Fennel completely squashes them. Viola interrupts their fight towards the end, but Fennel is slightly disappointed that he and Alyssa did not have any private time together. But the fact that Alyssa praised him makes him happy, and he takes that as a step in the right direction.

Viola and Alyssa go to Uncle Pondo’s potato farm in the second act. We find out that Uncle Pondo is married to Lira, and that she is now out of town. When Alyssa comments on the farm’s peculiar potatoes, Pondo explains that Giriko’s magic fertiliser is responsible.

Alyssa then gets in touch with Giriko to have the matter fixed. Lira arrives in the middle of the chaos and gets furious with Uncle Pondo for making things more difficult for her. Towards the end, Alyssa and Viola get to take some potatoes back home with them as they had hoped.

In the closing moments of the show, Viola and Giriko have caused a potato war to break out outside of Alyssa’s house. Eventually, though, everything calms down, and Phoenix makes an appearance, signalling the end of the episode.

The Episode Review

In episode 5, Fennel takes advantage of Viola’s absence to spend time with Alyssa. Following that, Alyssa and Viola head to Pondo’s field to harvest potatoes, but they soon realise that something is amiss there.

In keeping with the established pattern of the show, this episode focuses on two separate storylines. To put it mildly, the show is becoming increasingly absurd and chaotic, and not in an enjoyable way. The stories lack coherence, the jokes don’t land, and the characters are unpleasant.

There is a serious lack of development in the show’s characters. Viola’s possessiveness about her mother Alyssa, for instance, may have started out as mildly comical at first, but it has quickly become completely obnoxious.

The sexualization of a minor, Viola, is another issue with the show that deserves discussion. The sexualization of a sixteen-year-old girl is extremely inappropriate and disturbing. The makers have, however, recently shown some improvement in this aspect, so that’s something.

Though we remain hopeful, the show’s current quality is below par.

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