The Family Circumstances of the Irregular Witch – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Requesting Circumstances of the Late-Blooming Orc / The Monitoring Circumstances of the Egg and Big Sister

The Family Circumstances of the Irregular Witch Season 1 Episode 4 opens with Fennel thanking Glind, his furniture-making orc friend. Following this, Fennel asks Glind if there’s anything he can help him with in return. After this, Glind requests that he introduce him to a tall woman. After some convincing from Glind, Fennel finally agrees to do it.

Following this, Fennel sets up a meeting between Glind and Viola. The three of them share an uncomfortable meal together in a cafe. Viola, on her way out, overhears Fennel encouraging Glind to make an effort to get closer to her. He tells him that if she gets into a relationship, he too will have a chance to form a connection with Alyssa. When he looks back and sees Viola behind him, he quickly escapes. Shortly after, Viola takes Glind home and introduces him to Alyssa as her friend.

In the episode’s second act, Alyssa is seen tending to an egg laid by a Lizardkin. Viola soon joins her, and the two of them can be seen having a great time taking care of the egg.

Later that day, the egg’s Lizardkin parents, Gita and Malak, arrive to take their child home. They express gratitude to Viola and Alyssa for caring for their child. Before they leave, they give Viola an ostrich egg and ask her to get in touch with them when their Lizardkin baby is born. She appears thrilled.

In the episode’s closing seconds, Viola summons Fennel. The episode ends after she introduces him to her mystical companion creature and it swallows him.

The Episode Review

Two plots are given the most attention in this episode. Fennel arranges a blind date for Viola and a friend of his, putting his own life in danger in the process. Viola and Alyssa spend the second act caring for a lizardkin egg.

The episode isn’t particularly fascinating, but compared to the previous ones, it’s relatively more entertaining. In particular, the episode’s second act provided some light entertainment.

Having said that, Viola’s over-possessive nature and Alyssa’s childlike demeanour is quite annoying to watch. We’re hoping the show picks up, but so far it’s been incredibly uninteresting.

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