The Family Circumstances of the Irregular Witch – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Reminiscing Circumstances of the Witch-Girl Time Crew / The Sniffly Circumstances of the Healthy Daughter

At the beginning of The Family Circumstances of the Irregular Witch Season 1 Episode 3, Viola’s aunts Luna and Giriko drop by. They present the three inappropriate familiars to Alyssa: a bondager, a masochist, and a shamer. Since it’s not appropriate for Viola to see them, Alyssa urges the aunts to send them away.

Following that, the aunts introduce Viola and Alyssa to a magical reminiscence book. A memory can be captured in the book like a snapshot. As a consequence, the four of them have a day of looking back with fondness and reminiscing.

Viola gets sick during the second half of the episode. She doesn’t do well with her cold and fever because she rarely gets sick. She attempts to force her way through it, but her body eventually gives out.

Following that, Alyssa tends to Viola and inquires about her food preferences. Alyssa goes shopping for chicken after hearing that Viola wants chicken soup. When she finally gets home, she makes Viola a pot of her delicious chicken soup.

Viola is already feeling better the day after she got sick. She then proves to Alyssa that she is fine by showing no signs of fever. Then, we go back in time a decade. When Viola was younger, she had a problem with bed spelling, which is when a person casts a spell while asleep in order to channel a magical being. Following this, Alyssa instructs her on the use of magic and the identities of other enchanted beings.

Alyssa tries to help Viola see that mystical creatures are very large and that they cannot possibly care for one while she is still a little child, after Viola had told her that she wants to grow up around one.

The Episode Review

There are two main plots in this episode. The episode’s first half is spent with a mother, daughter, and two aunts talking about the good old days. Viola’s recovery from a cold is the focus of the show’s second half.

The episode attempts to create an enduring bond between the characters. However, their bond comes off as extremely superficial and slightly irritating.

The mother-daughter bond, for instance, is mildly irritating and tedious since the daughter exhibits classic traits of excessive dependence and possessiveness, making her seem like a spoiled brat trapped in an adult’s body.

The aunts, on the other hand, are extremely inappropriate. Exposing those kinds of grownups to the kid is rather distasteful.

The episode as a whole is shallow and tedious because of the lack of depth and meaning. Even the attempts at humour fall flat, making for a dull and ultimately frustrating viewing experience.

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