The Fall of the House of Usher – Episode 6 “Goldbug” Recap & Review


In The Fall of the House of Usher Episode 6, Tamerlane Usher is having trouble because she hasn’t been getting enough rest. She starts seeing things and is clearly going insane. She finds an emerald-colored box with her company logo on it. She opens it and discovers the insects within. In light of this hallucination, she knows it’s time to get some sleep. 

The focus then switches to Roderick Usher, who is boasting about the priceless antiquities in his possession while wearing a shirt splashed with fresh blood.

Once Madeline gets to the office, Roderick tells her that Victorine killed herself and her partner Alessandra. This is followed by the admission that he removed the cardiac mesh device and took it with him. Madeline cannot believe Verna was responsible for the death of yet another Usher. This prompts her to urge Roderick to take action towards her.

The next morning, we find Juno all by herself. Despite her repeated efforts, Roderick remains unreachable. Following that, she is spotted taking multiple Ligodone pills. A little later that day, Tamerlane stops by to see Roderick. Since he isn’t there, she asks Juno to have her father get in touch with her.

Following that, we see Frederick, who seems out of his mind and isn’t particularly concerned about his wife. Lenore goes to see her grandfather, Roderick, to discuss the matter further. He assures her that she is safe. He responds to her observation that her father seems strange by saying that life has a way of changing people. Following this, he launches into a manic rant that frightens her.

Now we see law enforcement officers taking evidence from the scene of the crime. Pym is also present, and he obviously doesn’t allow them to get away with compromising material. Later, he comes upon paper work featuring Verna’s picture. Following that, he reaches for the file. Verna’s home address is listed in the papers. Pym discovers, however, that the house is Roderick’s childhood home.

While having a conversation with attorney Auguste in the present day, Roderick experiences another hallucination. A glass breaks, and he drops to the ground. Following this, he also hallucinates a vision of a lifeless Tamerlane drenched in blood.

We are then transported back in time. Roderick, Auguste, and Madeline plot to take down the current boss. Auguste says that Roderick should collect some paperwork from the company since they will need it. At first, Annabel is opposed to it, but Roderick persuades her that it’s worthwhile.

Roderick is later spotted that day rummaging through the office basement in search of the documents. When the boss walks in, Roderick quickly ducks out of sight. He gets back to work once the boss has left.

The scene then shifts to Arthur Pym informing Roderick and Madeline about his findings. He shows them a few pictures of Verna taken in the early 1990s, showing her with wealthy and influential people. Madeline asks Pym to follow the lead. However, Roderick doesn’t seem to believe that the situation is as dire as it seems.

The action then shifts to the Goldbug product unveiling. Tamerlane is worried since Billy and Roderick aren’t there to help. Madeline, though, reassures her that she doesn’t need them and that she is capable of far more than she currently realises.

As Tamerlane prepares to take the stage, she has a hallucination in which Candy, aka Verna, appears to her. She screams insults at her, but then straightens herself out, since she is in front of a crowd of people and recognises that Candy isn’t truly there.

Tamerlane has visions of Candy the whole time she’s speaking. She loses her cool and hurls the microphone stand at the person she thinks is Candy, but instead she hits Juno with it. Following this, Tamerlane grows frightened and retreats to her dressing room before retiring to her bedroom.

When Tamerlane is in her room, she sees Candy everywhere. As she repeatedly sees Candy reflected in mirrors, she breaks them and hurts herself in the process. When she sees Candy in the mirror over her head, she breaks it with a fire poker, and the shards of glass pierce her to death.

The Episode Review

The stories “The Gold-bug” and “The Fall of the House of Usher” by Edgar Allan Poe served as inspiration for this episode. Tamerlane and her tragic demise are the episode’s primary subjects.

The poem by Edgar Allan Poe “Tamerlane” inspired not only the name of our main character in this episode but also the plot, which sees a Turkish warlord abandon his beloved Ada in search of adventure and conquest. The character’s similarities to the TV show’s Tamerlane make the poem’s inspiration for her moniker a good fit.

The episode shows how Tamerlane’s mental decline led to her tragic passing. The older Usher siblings, with Pym’s assistance, are also searching for Verna because they believe she has some connection to the deaths.

The episode isn’t as shocking or disturbing as the previous ones. Nonetheless, it is quite compelling and leaves a lasting impression. However, compared to the deaths of the other Ushers, Tamerlane’s has to be the least eerie.

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