The Fabulous – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Photo Wall and The Exhibition

Episode 6  of Netflix’s The Fabulous starts with Woo-min playing a game of soccer with Do-young playing for the opposite team. Woo-min is not able to think straight and given the additional jibes about the photo journal from Do-young, Woo-min gets frustrated. Seon-ho replaces Woo-min in the game and he sits to think about his last conversation with Ji-eun.

At the airport, Woo-min had asked Ji-eun if Nam-jin made her heart race but she had refused to answer him. Meanwhile, Ji-eun herself is thinking back on how their lives have suddenly taken a turn for the worse. The next day, Ji-eun spots Seon-ho’s posters being replaced on her way to work and is upset about how the industry is treating her friend.

Seon-ho runs into Nam-hee who talks to her about the brand named Diana holding an exhibition in South Korea which will be hosted by Audrey and Ms Oh. Since Seon-ho used to model for the international brand, she has quite some memories working with them in the past. Ms Oh tells Ji-eun about the exhibition and the two discuss how they would make it work.

Joseph gets Woo-min to work with him for his upcoming fashion event that narrates the history of Mr Joseph. Together Joseph and Woo-min go to the group’s hangout spot – an old restaurant. They recall hanging out there with Seon-ho and Ji-eun during their early days in the fashion industry. Joseph tells Woo-min that he had rented out the place for a while in order to cherish their memories there.

Woo-min finds some graffiti on the walls from Ji-eun and his relationship which the couple had made that gets him thinking. Seon-ho is at lunch with Kang-woo when they find Hye-na working as a part-timer. Hye-na claims that she quit modelling altogether because she disliked competition. She praises Seon-ho for her handwork over the years, especially with Diana that used to be her inspiration.

At work, Ji-eun has a face-off with Ms Oh about Seon-ho being excluded from the guest list. The CEO states that Seon-ho was blacklisted by the industry due to her behaviour and it would affect them negatively if she were to be invited to the event. Ji-eun is not able to reason with Ms Oh. Do-young and Chae-young meet up before her class and the two start bonding. Do-young asks her out and she agrees considering he was handsome as well as hardworking.

Seon-ho visits Audrey and talks to Ms Oh about the Diana exhibition. The conversation is awkward because Seon-ho just learns that she is not invited to the event and is disheartened. Since Ji-eun is busy prepping for the event, she is not able to make enough time to meet Ji-eun. Seon-ho catches the two talking outside Audrey.

Nam-jin asks to have dinner with Ji-eun’s friends and Seon-ho takes the responsibility of getting Joseph and Woo-min to be there before leaving. Nam-jin leaves Ji-eun to get back to work. Meanwhile, Woo-min decides to see Ji-eun after work and forces her to go out to eat red bean porridge. Ji-eun is unwilling but decides to give the porridge a try for Woo-min.

Woo-min tells Ji-eun that he does not care if she is dating Nam-jin but adds that he would wait for however long it takes. Ji-eun confesses that she liked him too but needed to be with Nam-jin because if Woo-min and she end up splitting again, it would be too hard for her to recover from.

Woo-min finally understands what she means and asks if Ji-eun will come to her when she is finally sure. Ji-eun tells him she will do as she pleases but agrees to eat the porridge after his insistence. JD is unhappy with her prim and proper outfit for the Diana exhibition and lashes out at Ji-sun for not meeting her standards. Ms Oh and Ji-eun are setting up looks for all the celebrities invited to the event and they are shocked when Ji-sun shows up with an actress named Seo-jin.

Seo-jin has a beef with actress Im Ji-wan and wants to know what she was wearing at the event. The actress gets furious when she learns that Ji-wan was given an exclusive look for the exhibition and lashes out at Ji-eun for discriminatory treatment. Ms Oh asks Ji-sun to convince Seo-jin but the stylist puts the responsibility on Ms Oh.

Woo-min is at Nam-jin’s house for a special photoshoot gig and is overwhelmed by the fact that Ji-eun’s boyfriend is a literal chaebol (a man who comes from generational wealth). Woo-min is further hurt when he overhears Nam-jin’s mother asking him about getting to meet Ji-eun in order to set up their wedding. Mr Gang meets up with Seon-ho asking her to shift careers and move to act now that her modelling career had failed.

Seon-ho decides to terminate her contract with Mr Gang’s agency altogether. Meanwhile, Ji-eun runs into Nam-jin’s mother at a shopping mall as Mrs Jang introduces them. The two had tea together as Nam-jin’s mother asks Ji-eun awkward questions about marrying a chaebol. Ji-eun realises that she will never get used to Nam-jin’s wealth.

At the same time, inspiration strikes Woo-min and he asks Joseph to let him use the abandoned restaurant for a few days. Ji-eun is busy with her work and Woo-min is busy with his as the days pass by leading up to the Diana exhibition. Stylist Kang tells Ms Oh that Diana’s sister brand Cezanne was pissed that Seon-ho was not invited to the event as she was Cezanne’s brand ambassador.

Ms Oh begs Ji-eun to get Seon-ho to show up at the exhibition somehow but Ji-eun is not able to reach the model in time. At the same time, Ji-sun calls Ms Oh asking for help with Seo-jin. The actress wants to show up at the exhibition with her boyfriend in order to draw attention away from Ji-wan but Ms Oh yells at the actress for putting her personal issues above the entire fashion industry.

The actress seems to have gotten the hint and agrees to show up without her present company. Ji-sun is thankful to Ms Oh for mustering up the courage to talk down to an actress. JD shows up to the event wearing the prim and proper outfit they made her wear but up-styles her hair embarrassing Ms Oh and the others from the team.

They are upset that the influencer would not agree to flaunt the outfit. Seon-ho saves the day when she shows up in an outfit Cezanne gifted her years ago making the event a success for everyone involved. Nam-hee is happy that Seon-ho honoured Diana’s history by flaunting her outfit and praises Ms Oh. Nam-jin waits for dinner with Ji-eun and her friends but Ji-eun breaks up with Nam-jin by returning the shoes he gifted her.

Ji-eun states that the shoes (an analogy to her relationship with him) were too uncomfortable for her and she could not like them as much as she tried to adjust. Nam-jin is understanding of her feelings and apologises for forcing uncomfortable shoes on her. Joseph and Seon-ho tell Ji-eun about Woo-min’s photo exhibition and take her to the venue. She is overwhelmed after seeing that all the photos are of Ji-eun and were memories Woo-min had captured without her knowledge.

Ji-eun gets emotional and starts running out to look for Woo-min. Woo-min was at Ji-eun’s house to invite her to see his photos but is shocked to learn that Ji-eun had already seen them. Ji-eun praises the photos and Woo-min apologises for not telling her how much he loved her when they were together. Woo-min promises to never repeat the same mistake again if Ji-eun gives him the chance and Ji-eun hugs him, taking him back. 

The Episode Review

Whew, Ji-eun and Woo-min finally get back together. I did not expect this to happen so soon and now I am left wondering what will happen in the final two episodes. I hope they don’t end up breaking again considering The Fabulous is a Netflix original and that there could be a second season.

I really wish Nam-jin finds someone who is comfortable in those Manolo Blahnik’s because Ji-eun really must be crazy in love with Woo-min to leave a chaebol for a part-timer. Guess money is not everything after all. Joseph and Seon-ho really are the best friends everyone needs because of how they support Ji-eun.

Seon-ho’s career failing while her friends are having a great time professionally shows how supportive she is of their success instead of sulking over her failure. I hope that something good is waiting for her in the episodes to come.

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