The Fabulous – K-Drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

Grandmother’s Scarf and The Cheongdam Fashion Circle

Episode 2 of The Fabulous starts with Ji-eun talking to her father on speakerphone while she gets dressed for work. Her father asks Ji-eun to take his mother out to the hospital for a checkup and she promises to treat her to a nice meal afterwards. Ji-eun is getting coffee and spots a sign for a lucky draw. She looks for her business card in order to enter the draw and can’t find it.

On her way to work, she talks to Seon-ho about her boyfriend, Youn-soo, being spotted with Hong Ji-sun. Seon-ho had stayed the night at Woo-min’s house and talked to him about Ji-eun’s suggestion. Woo-min is getting dressed for a bike ride and Seon-ho asks about his intentions with Ji-eun now that he had returned for good.

Seon-ho asks if Woo-min will be going out with Ji-eun all over again but he claims that he cannot do that because he likes being friends with her better than dating her. He claims that not dating her makes him less responsible for Ji-eun. Woo-min adds that he does not like seeing Ji-eun with her ex, Nam-jin.

Seon-ho gets furious and scolds Woo-min for being a hypocrite because he was dating other women and took offence to Ji-eun’s relationship. Woo-min teases Seon-ho and rushes out. Meanwhile, at work, her colleague tells Ji-eun that Ji-sun was causing chaos in their boutique. Ji-eun recalls flipping Ji-sun off as she was at Young-soo’s (Seon-ho’s ex-boyfriend) house the night before. Ji-sun is taking her own time nitpicking at the designs at Ms Oh’s boutique.

Once Ji-eun arrives at the boutique, Ji-sun starts berating Ji-eun and mocking her for being a mere PR Employee. In order to trigger Ji-eun, Ji-sun asks her to pick an outfit for her but Ji-eun refuses to do so. Ms Oh drags Ji-eun out and coaxes her into gifting one sample outfit to Ji-sun so that they could calmly kick her out of the boutique.

Meanwhile, Ester gives Joseph names of different PR agencies in order to perform damage control after what happened at the fashion show. The designer wants to be represented by big PR agencies but Ester makes Joseph realise that they were a very small brand to even think about something so audacious.

Joseph is humbled and picks some of the agencies that they could visit. However, he is shocked when Esther tells him that they would have to walk into the agency offices in order to beg them to represent his brand. Ji-sun likes the sample handbag Ms Oh picked out for her and Ms Oh tries to butter her up over Ji-eun’s mistake.

Ms Oh asks Ji-sun to accompany her to the Cheongdam Fashion Circle gathering. Ji-sun makes a face forcing Ms Oh to ask Ji-eun to drive them both to the fashion gathering. Ji-eun calls her father hoping to reschedule the lunch with her grandma but her father tells her that the old woman had already left to meet Ji-eun.

Ji-eun tries calling Joseph for help but is unable to get in touch with him. She contemplates calling Woo-min but is shocked to see that he is calling her instead. He asks Ji-eun to grab lunch with him but she declines the offer at first. Ji-eun then realises the situation she is in and asks him to help her out that afternoon.

Ji-eun has tasked Woo-min to pick up her grandmother and take her out for lunch and the doctor’s appointment. Woo-min meets the old woman who immediately recognises Woo-min as the guy who left Ji-eun crying for weeks after their breakup. Ji-eun is further held back at work for longer than she expected and is annoyed for having her grandmother wait.

On her way to the office, Ji-eun gets a call from Do-young, the waiter at the restaurant who found Ji-eun’s card holder. He asks JI-eun to meet him at the steakhouse in Cheongdam in order to get the cardholder back but she states that she was very busy and asks to see him the following day.

Do-young behaves childishly and pouts because he could not see Ji-eun that day but agrees to meet her the next day. The Fashion industry’s esteemed names are at the Cheongdam Fashion Circle gathering including Nam-jin, Ji-eun’s ex who is working with them as an analyst. Since Ji-eun is a chauffeur for Ms Oh and Ji-sun, she has to walk uphill, to the venue in heels.

Ji-eun makes it to the venue and watches Nam-hee give a speech to the who’s who of the fashion industry. Ji-eun is shocked to see Nam-jin sitting at the head of the table but Ji-sun creates a scene by pushing Ji-eun aside, making her fall and spill wine all over Ji-sun. Nam-hee is disappointed and asks the ‘uninvited guest’, Ji-eun to leave the venue and the trio make their way out. Nam-jin spots Ji-eun and she is embarrassed after what had happened.

Outside the venue, Nam-jin confronts Ji-eun and discusses how she didn’t answer his calls after their breakup. He asks Ji-eun to answer his calls the next time while Ji-sun is shocked to see the two interact. At lunch, Woo-min is getting along with Ji-eun’s grandmother. She asks him to treat her right this time making him feel guilty for how he was leading the old woman on by not telling her that Ji-eun was just his friend.

Ji-eun joins them at lunch and jokes about Woo-min being the most hated person on earth. Woo-min watches the grandmother and granddaughter interact as Ji-eun fastens her grandmother’s favourite scarf for her. The old lady claims that Ji-eun’s grandfather had proposed to her using the scarf and Woo-min enjoys seeing the two share memories.

At the same time, Seon-ho is out talking to Young-soo about how she saw him with Ji-sun the night before. he tries to cover up the incident by claiming that Seon-ho had almost ruined his show. He explains that Ji-sun was there comforting him after his almost failed show and was scantily dressed because she had spilt some wine on herself.

Seon-ho feels guilty for throwing her heel at Young-soo’s house but claims that he could have explained the situation to her that night instead of waiting. Young-soo plainly states that he was not obligated to do so because he was hurt but Seon-ho cuts the conversation short as she throws a glass full of water on his face before storming off.

Joseph is acting as a total drama queen because Esther is making him personally go to the PR Agencies in order to ask them to represent his brand. Esther’s straightforward words get Joseph sentimental but she covers it up by offering to go out to grab a meal. Joseph claims that his knees are too luxurious to beg and takes Esther on her offer to grab a meal.

After lunch and her doctor’s appointment, Ji-eun sends her grandma off in a taxi reassuring the old woman that there was nothing wrong with her memory according to the doctor. After the taxi leaves, the hospital nurse rushes to give Ji-eun her grandmother’s scarf that was left behind inside the hospital.

Woo-min is back at his apartment complex where he spots Seon-ho who seems very upset. She suggests that Woo-min should have sex with her but the photographer is totally weirded out by the suggestion. Seon-ho asks him to take her on a drive and he does so no questions asked. He asks what she would like to do and she suggests going to a local seaside restaurant they frequent for some fish.

Woo-min wonders why Seon-ho was so emotional after the breakup considering it was casual but she claims that there still are emotions attached despite the casualness. Seon-ho asks him to stop messing around with Ji-eun for the exact same reason. Meanwhile, Ji-eun is back at work trying to work on how to style outfits for Ji-sun when her three friends, Joseph, Woo-min and Seon-ho surprise her with drinks.

The friends catch up and drink the night away. The next morning, Ji-eun meets up with Do-young according to plan in order to get her card holder back. The interaction is completely weird as Do-young keeps calling Ji-eun “noona” with the promise of seeing her often leaving Ji-eun in shambles.

Ji-sun is nitpicking the outfits designed by Ji-eun. Once the main model, JD arrives, Ji-sun gets busy entertaining her. The model asks to pick out her outfits herself but Ji-sun tries her best to avoid the designs Ji-eun curated. Ji-eun takes it upon herself to talk to the model but ends up annoying JD.

JD decides that she does not want to do the photoshoot anymore and Ji-eun gets an earful from Ji-sun. Ji-eun is upset and trying to recover from the situation when her father calls her stating that her grandmother was missing. Ji-eun sets off to find the old woman in the usual and pairs up with Woo-min and her father who go out in different directions looking for her.

In the middle of the search, Ji-eun gets a call from Ms Oh who scolds her for ruining the photoshoot with JD. Ji-eun is called back to work so Woo-min as well her father push her to go. Woo-min takes the old woman’s scarf from Ji-eun’s neck and asks her father to wait back at home for his mother to return. He rushes out to find the old woman by himself.

Woo-min finds Jae-in’s grandmother outside the restaurant they first met at. He ties the scarf around her neck and takes the old woman back home where her son and Ji-eun were waiting for her. Ji-eun is at work when Nam-jin spots her. She gets out of the office while on a call from Woo-min. He tells her that her grandmother was back home and safe.

Woo-min is across the street outside Ji-eun’s office and is about to call out to her when he spots Nam-jin behind her. Ji-eun cuts the call with Woo-min and talks to her ex while Woo-min walks away dejectedly. Nam-jin offers to take her home but Ji-eun asks him to stop contacting her because she too feels they weren’t compatible.

She drives off in a taxi while Woo-min sits at a restaurant thinking about his call with Ji-eun. He calls Ji-eun and the two friends discuss Ji-eun’s grandmother. Ji-eun tells him that the scarf was actually hers and it was one that Ji-eun had brought along with a tie for Woo-min for their first anniversary.

She claims that her grandmother’s scarf was pretty worn out so she gave her scarf to the old woman after they had broken off. Ji-eun states that it was absurd for her to think that he would remember things like this and Woo-min feels guilty. A flashback shows Woo-min recalling how the two had taken photos wearing the scarf and the tie during their first anniversary.

Seon-ho joins Woo-min and suggests to go see Ji-eun and cheer her up. Woo-min declines the offer as Ji-eun wanted some alone time. Woo-min is deep in thought while Ji-eun is getting drunk by herself. Ji-eun passes out and her phone runs out of battery. The bartender spots Do-young’s phone number on Ji-eun’s arm and decides to call the number asking to pick her up, Coincidentally, Nam-jin is at the same bar and tries to take Ji-eun away when Do-young stops him from doing so.

The Episode Review

Do-young is really the most chaotic love interest Ji-eun will ever have on this show and we’re here for it. Nam-jin is infuriating and I really don’t understand why the makers decided to bring him back as Ji-eun’s love interest after their absurd breakup. Ji-eun did cheat on him but his reason for breaking up with Ji-eun was beyond preposterous..

I know that Ji-eun and Woo-min are endgame already but I have this feeling that Seon-ho really has feelings for Woo-min. It seems chaotic now but seeing the two together just makes sense. I’d rather see Ji-eun date Nam-jin and Do-young date our very own drama queen – Joseph.

It seems as though Ji-eun will soon take a jump in her career owing to her connection with Nam-jin who is pretty much the most important member of the fashion industry. The side characters are doing a pretty good job in their roles and the K-drama seems a lot more interesting than the trailer made it to be. On we go to the next episode.

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