The Fable – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

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Episode 8 of The Fable begins with Misaki’s co-worker rummaging through Misaki’s swimsuit photos at his home. He learns Misaki quit the erotic business because most of her erotica leaked online. Misaki’s co-worker plans to “enjoy himself” with some videos he took of Misaki later. Moreover, he questions if he should blackmail Misaki with the photos so he can have intercourse with her. 

Next, Yoko tells Fable to go with her somewhere. Fable refuses because he wants to watch Jackal’s TV drama tonight. Then, Yoko spots Misaki and Fable tells Yoko Misaki is heading to her other job. Fable insists Yoko get a job since he’s having fun with his. After that, Kojima and Takahashi throw Kojima senior’s body into an ocean and Kojima tells Takahashi that his senior deserves to perish. 

While Fable watches Jackal at home, Yoko bumps into a man at a bar. The man puts the moves on Yoko and Yoko plays along with the man, operating the situation similar to how Fable handles things with adversaries now. Yoko analyzes the man (Yuki Kawai) and plans to ruin Yuki with her cunningness. Yoko successfully toys with Yuki, receives his phone number, and departs the bar. 

After that, we see Fable training at his place’s garage. Yoko arrives and informs Fable that Taihei (the city they are in) has a knife shop. Fable wants to purchase a knife and visit Taihei’s mountains during his days off. Moreover, Yoko tells Fable that Takeshi is in the hospital. We cut to Kojima and Takeshi at the hospital. Takeshi apologizes to Kojima and tells him he may be at the hospital for another month. 

Takeshi tells Kojima to relax and not get into trouble. He promises Kojima that he has a plan set up for him and Kojima promises he won’t do anything dumb. Kojima and Kuro visit a restaurant and Kojima asks Kuro to help him start a call-girl service. Even though Sunagawa’s running one, Kojima tells Kuro it should be fine for him to start a business. 

Kuro tells Kojima he knows a girl who can rake in profits for him. Meanwhile, Misaki’s working on a design at her workplace while Fable’s cleaning the floor there. Misaki doesn’t like her lion design and asks Fable to draw a similar one. Fable draws a poorly designed lion, but Misaki and her boss think it’ll work for their project. 

Fable draws more things and Misaki’s boss likes all the designs. He plans to use them for the project and gives Fable a pay raise. Meanwhile, Kuro insists Kojima hire Misaki as his main call girl. Kojima likes that idea and tells Kuro to talk to Misaki. After that, Kojima regroups with Takahashi and notices he’s still having trouble eating bento. 

Takahashi tells Kojima that he can’t eat because he can’t get Kojima’s senior’s death out of his mind. Kojima tells Takahashi he’ll give him money to get himself a call girl. Also, Kojima wants Takahashi to hire this call girl for the business he’s starting. Takahashi hesitates and Kojima orders him to get five call girls by this week’s end. 

Then, we see Sunagawa roaming Taihei. One of his workers informs him that they spotted Kojima doing something nefarious. The episode ends with Sunagawa looking flustered. 

The Episode Review

Yoko steals most of this episode’s run-time, giving fans a taste of how she operates. Much like Fable, Yoko knows her way around certain situations. From her cunningness to the bartender’s humorous reactions, fans may enjoy seeing Yoko toy with Yuki’s emotions. At the same time, this Yoko-centric affair went on for a lot longer than some would’ve hoped for. 

Hopefully, this amusing, insightful, and drawn-out exchange leads to something significant later. Perhaps Yoko will become one of Kojima’s call girls. It’d make the lengthy yet comical discussion with Yuki matter in the grand scheme of things. Also, it’d make her feel more integral to the plot than she currently is.

Yoko aside, Misaki is in for a world of pain and misery. Not only must she contend with a pervy co-worker but she must deal with Kojima, a sadistic and conniving yakuza member. That said, it’s reassuring knowing that Fable’s enjoying Misaki and her boss’s company. Otherwise, it’d be curtains for Misaki. Fans can only pray that Fable will uncover the nefarious ploys that await Misaki in the future.

While The Fable continues to churn out subpar visuals and animation, the story remains its best aspect. Overall, this was another weird yet fun episode of The Fable. 

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