The Fable – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review


Episode 7 of The Fable begins with Yoko tampering with Misaki’s face. Eventually, Yoko falls asleep, and Misaki thanks Fable for letting her stay at her place. Next, Takahashi arrives at Kojima and Takeshi’s place. Kojima welcomes Takahashi inside and gets to know him more. However, Kojima treats him like dirt because he doesn’t like how Takahashi presents himself.  

Kojima presents Takahashi with a beer. He tells Takahashi to inform the other Maguro Group members of his reputation. Next, the two check on Takeshi because he’s been in the bathroom for a long time. The two discover Takeshi’s unconscious body lying next to the toilet. Meanwhile, Fable watches a new drama show starring Jackal. 

Elsewhere, Kojima stands by Takeshi’s hospital bed. Kojima informs Takahashi that Takeshi may have suffered a heart attack. Takahashi confirms Takeshi’s been stressed out because of Hiroshi’s relatives (he’s referring to Yoko and Fable who aren’t related to Hiroshi). Nonetheless, Takahashi informs Kojima about those two and Hiroshi. Kojima visits Hiroshi the following day and tells him what happened to Takeshi. 

Hiroshi promises to visit Takeshi when he’s available. Kojima asks Hiroshi if he can borrow Takahashi for work and Hiroshi says it’s fine. Takahashi and Kojima visit Fable later. Kojima tells Takahashi to monitor the vehicle. Fable welcomes Kojima inside and Kojima interrogates Fable, asking him several questions regarding his relation to Hiroshi and other things. 

Kojima doesn’t take kindly to Fable’s “smart aleck” responses, so he suggests Fable pay him 100,000 yen a month if he wants to stay here peacefully. Fable understands so Kojima leaves him be and regroups with Takahashi in the car. Fable arrives at work and Misaki tells him she found her keys. Additionally, Misaki’s boss apologizes for acting harshly toward the yakuza at Mama’s bar. 

Then, the three get back to work. Meanwhile, Kojima visits Takouda at his home. Kojima wants Takouda to sell him a gun but Takouda says he doesn’t sell those anymore. Kojima thinks Takouda’s bluffing and says he’ll pay more than the market rate for a firearm and won’t tell the others about this transaction. Takouda shows Kojima a revolver and Kojima accepts the deal. 

Next, Takahashi receives a phone call from Yoko during one of his and Kojima’s missions. Takahashi tells Yoko to chat with him later despite her wanting to do something with him. Kojima ties up his former senior and introduces Takahashi to him. Kojima confirms his senior was a former member of the Maguro Group and swindled Kojima in the past. 

Kojima tells his senior to get him six million yen by today, otherwise, he’ll murder him. Next, Fable returns home and notices Kuro’s inside. Kuro tells Fable that Takeshi lent him a key to the garage. Kuro begs Fable to make him his disciple. Meanwhile, Kojima removes the garment that’s covering his senior’s mouth. Kojima’s senior says he can’t give him the six million yen he seeks. However, he attempts to offer Kojima other goods and payment in exchange. 

Kojima tells Takahashi to visit his senior’s condo and collect all his bank books, personal seals, car keys, and passport. Kojima’s senior tells him he needs his fingerprints to unlock the safe storing most of his valuables. Kojima plans to shoot his senior so his senior threatens him by telling Kojima that his demise will anger Sunagawa. Kojima shoots his senior and tells Takahashi not to worry about it. 

Meanwhile, Fable tells Kuro that he’s not interested in making disciples. Also, Fable isn’t a fan of Kuro’s reasons for wanting to make it big in the underworld. Fable argues if Kuro wants to be a pro he shouldn’t leave a trace of his work behind. Meanwhile, Kojima is aroused by the murder he committed while Takahashi is speechless. The episode closes with Kojima telling Takahashi to cut his senior’s hand off. 

The Episode Review

Much like most criminals today, Kojima’s back to his nefarious activities. With Takeshi out of the picture, fans hope someone will stop Kojima from ruining the peace established in this town. At the same time, fans will be thankful to see someone acting astray in this series. While most of its comedic and yakuza-like scenarios have been a joy to sit through, the series hasn’t been as intense as many would hope. 

Fortunately, Kojima is doing just that, giving viewers reasons to look forward to next week’s chapter. Additionally, Misaki’s co-worker is worth keeping an eye on. This episode didn’t focus on his character or give him the punishment many fans want. Hopefully, we’ll see this perverted individual get punished for the sick and twisted crime he committed in episode six soon. 

Besides that, it was nice seeing Fable share meaningful advice with Kuro about what a “pro” is in the assassin sphere. Although it’d be neat to see where Fable and Kuro’s relationship goes moving forward, that segment clearly shows how Fable differs from Kojima. While both dabble in the same line of work, that snippet proves why Fable’s the better assassin.

Overall, this was a satisfying episode to watch. While the animation and visuals remain unpleasant, the story and most of its cast are keeping audiences invested. 

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