The Fable – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

A Wonderful Night

Episode 2 of The Fable picks up where episode 1 left off with Takeshi asking Hiroshi if it’s wise for them to house Fable. Again, Hiroshi is okay with it all. However, he finds Fable’s past activities intriguing and baffling. Hiroshi informs Takeshi about Fable’s run-in with the Sameken Group. He says Fable successfully murdered a group’s leader and their men with one shot. 

Suddenly, one of Hiroshi’s men enters the room, informing him that Sato (Fable’s alias) has arrived. Hiroshi tells his henchmen to lead Sato to the reception room while Takeshi asks the henchmen not to let anyone else in for a while. Fable and Yoko enter the reception room and speak with Takeshi and Hiroshi. Takeshi asks Fable to tell him how he’d murder him and Hiroshi if we were given orders to do so. 

He wants to see if Fable is truly a genius killer. Fable lists several methods and tools he’d use to perform the deed. He mentions Takeshi’s gun and Takeshi reveals it to everyone’s dismay. Takeshi knows he’s not allowed to bring firearms into the office. Yet, he tells Hiroshi he didn’t want to attend this meeting unarmed, especially with Fable around. 

Takeshi asks Fable how he’d kill the 10 men outside with his gun since it’s only carrying 5 bullets. Fable says he’d use Hiroshi’s firearm instead. Hiroshi laughs and reveals his firearm to everyone. Fable doesn’t share details on how he knew they were carrying weapons. Nonetheless, Hiroshi ensures Fable and Yoko can crash at the place they’re offering them for a year.

Takeshi says he and Hiroshi are the only ones who know their true identities. Moreover, he highlights the rules that Fable and Yoko must comply with. Then, Takeshi leads Yoko and Fable to their homes. He briefs them on what he and his men used them for in the past. After Takeshi leads the two into the home’s garage, he hands Fable a revolver. 

He wants to see Fable’s superb marksmanship in action. Fable shoots a different target and gets debris over Takeshi’s beloved car. Yoko comforts Takeshi, telling him she’ll clean up the mess. Takeshi leaves and regroups with his ally. He and his ally touch upon Yoko and Fable’s distinct skills. Then, Takeshi tells his ally to watch Yoko and Fable for him. 

Meanwhile, Fable investigates his home and dismantles every camera he can find. Later, Takeshi regroups with his ally. His ally informs him the cameras in Fable’s room aren’t functioning. However, he says Yoko’s home’s cameras are intact. Takeshi reveals that he wants to chase Yoko and Fable out of the city. While Hiroshi’s seemingly okay with them being here, Takeshi’s not. Nonetheless, Takeshi tells his ally to do what he can. 

Later, Fable and Yoko attend a bar. While those two enjoy themselves, Takeshi’s ally monitors the bar from his vehicle and calls one of his allies, asking for a skilled combatant. Fable’s acting uneasy in the bar and Yoko questions him about his demeanor, suggesting he find a new hobby and relax during his vacation. Fable is unsure about that notion and asks Yoko about her hobbies. 

Yoko says she wants to net herself a “hot boyfriend.” Then, we cut away to Takeshi’s ally (Takahashi). Another member of their group arrives with a professional kickboxer. Takahashi asks the kickboxer to severely wound Fable. Fable and Yoko exit the bar and encounter the kickboxer and Takahashi’s ally. Fable tells Yoko to go home and let him handle these goons. 

Yoko leaves and Fable battles the kickboxer and his ally. He develops and utilizes multiple fake-outs and clever tactics during this battle. The two men flee the fight after dealing enough damage to Fable. Then, a girl arrives and gives Fable a handkerchief to wipe his nose. Fable notices this is the same girl he saw earlier after he finished his camera-disabling activity. 

We cut away to Takahashi, the kickboxer, and his ally. They discuss payment and the kickboxer and his allies’ encounter with Fable. Then, we follow Fable, who grabs himself a drink from a nearby machine. The episode closes with him saying that Osaka (the city he’s in) is a fun place. 

The Episode Review

This week’s episode of The Fable introduces some characters and sets fans up for encounters Fable and Yoko can expect in Osaka. Although audiences know Fable could’ve easily defeated the goon and the kickboxer, fans will admire how Fable handled his altercation with both men. It’ll make viewers hunger for a chapter or two, highlighting Fable’s experiences as a rookie assassin. 

While it was stellar seeing Fable pull one over on these men, the animation and visual quality weren’t exceptional in those scenes. The stills and sluggish movements will push many people away from that tense confrontation rather than pull them in. Although Fable didn’t intend to put up much of a fight in that scenario, this scene may cause long-time fans and newcomers to panic about future mobile-driven gunfights or fisticuffs. 

Hopefully, Tezuka Productions Studios can find ways to strengthen this anime’s presentation. That aside, the story remains interesting. From Takeshi’s ulterior motives to the plot’s focus on Fable and Yoko’s chemistry, we predict many will admire this anime for its storyline rather than its imagery. Overall, this was a pleasant follow-up to The Fable’s first episode. I’m excited to see what happens next.  

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