The Fable – Season 1 Episode 14 Recap & Review

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Episode 14 of The Fable begins with Fable greeting Misaki’s boss and Kainuma at work. Misaki arrives and Fable greets her. Misaki awkwardly greets Fable and tells her boss she’s feeling better. Fable reports his awkward encounter with Misaki to Yoko later. Yoko wonders if she uncovered the truth about Fable being the man who saved her at the factory. 

Fable says that is likely not the case but wonders if that’d be a bad thing in general. At the same time, Fable argues if Misaki finds out the truth about his hitman lifestyle, he’d be annoyed. Fable says it’d make him feel like an amateur hitman. Then, we cut away to Matsu and Sunagawa. Sunagawa confirms Kojima’s dead. He also asks Matsu if he can share details about Fable with him. 

Matsu says he doesn’t know anything about Fable. Sunagawa bribes Matsu with 2 million yen and demands he tell him everything about Fable. Matsu tells Sunagawa to keep his nose out of the Fable situation. Moreover, Matsu says if Sunagawa ever becomes the Maguro Group’s new captain or boss, Fable’s group will meet with Sunagawa. 

Fable visits a knife shop and purchases a Blackhawk knife. Meanwhile, Kuro visits Yoko. The former tells the latter that he knows who Fable is. Yoko stares at Kuro with menacing eyes and Kuro promises Yoko that he’s on their side. Kuro asks Yoko if she can list ways for Kuro to become Fable’s apprentice. Yoko doesn’t give him much to work with. 

Kuro tells Yoko he’d give up everything to become Fable’s apprentice. Yoko tells Kuro that Fable plans to go camping in the woods soon. She suggests Kuro to convince Fable to let him accompany Fable on the outing. Later, Kuro greets Fable at the garage. He presents Fable with gifts and asks if he can go camping with him. 

Fable says he’s not camping this weekend. He’s simply spending several days in the mountains. Kuro promises Fable he won’t get in his way. Fable says he’s fine with Kuro accompanying him to the mountains. However, Fable warns Kuro that if Kuro litters, he’ll bury him in the mountains. Fable confronts Yoko later and isn’t thrilled that she semi-encouraged Kuro to talk to him about his mountain trip. 

Yoko tells Fable not to worry about Kuro. She argues he’ll give up and head home faster than Fable anticipates. Fable sits at the table and Yoko tells him Fable Two sent him a package. She presents Fable with a meal but Fable refuses to eat it while it’s hot. Fable says he has a sensitive tongue because he trained himself to sense poison in the past. 

Fable explains this all occurred during one of his mountain trips in the past. Then, we cut away to Kainuma, observing more of Misaki’s nefarious photos. While Kainuma is pleasing himself, Kainuma questions Fable’s true identity and Misaki’s affiliation with the yakuza. He wants to reinstall his hidden cameras in Misaki’s place too. 

Meanwhile, Misaki visits Yoko because the former wants to return the latter’s clothes. Misaki joins Yoko for drinks and tells Misaki she’s been acting awkwardly around Fable because of the crude drawings he drew of her. Yoko laughs and Misaki tells her it’s not funny. She’s concerned Fable saw her naked. While Fable unwraps Fable Two’s gift, Takeshi calls him. 

Takeshi tells Fable he got out of the hospital today. Moreover, Takeshi tells Fable that Fable Two met him the other day. Takeshi asks Fable if he plans to resume his hitman duties once his year-long break ends. Fable says he does since it’s the only thing he’s great at. Takeshi recalls Fable Two’s goals for Fable and tells Fable that he should enjoy himself. 

Later, Fable discusses his mountain plans with Kuro. Yoko drives the pair to their destination. Kuro tells Yoko that no one knows he’s going on this mountain trip with Fable and believes he’s recovering from his leg injury. They arrive at their destination and Kuro shows Fable everything he brought for the trip. Fable doesn’t have anything with him, much to Kuro’s shock. 

Fable tells Kuro if he brought the same things Kuro brought, he’d be camping. Kuro says he’s okay with dropping things, but Yoko tells Kuro not to imitate Fable. Fable understands and helps Kuro choose what to bring. Fable asks Yoko to return to this spot in three days. If Kuro and Fable don’t arrive at this rendevous location in time, Fable tells Yoko she can leave.

Fable and Kuro head into the wilderness. The episode closes with Fable and Kuro chatting about their outing. 

The Episode Review

It’s funny how Laid-Back Camp Season 3, a sequel anime that tackles littering and nature exploration ended weeks ago. It’ll make Laid-Back Camp and The Fable’s audiences wonder how an outing would go between Nadeshiko and Fable’s group. Would it go as well as the Barbenheimer phenomenon or would that fictitious crossover result in something worse? 

That thought aside, this episode was tame in comparison to the previous chapters we received. It leans more into the comical and serene side of things but offers some layers of set-up that’ll get fans speculating. From Kainuma’s gross actions to Sunagawa’s conversation with Matsu, more problems are brewing underneath this anime’s current setting. 

Additionally, this non-camping trip between Kuro and Fable can lead to some juicy developments for Fable’s character. While it’s great to see Fable perform incredible feats as a hitman, the anime hasn’t explored his character’s background to the best degree. This episode alludes to him having rough experiences in the wilderness, based on his “sensitive tongue” discussion with Yoko. 

It’ll be fabulous to see what type of “mountain outing” Fable has planned for himself. Simultaneously, it’ll be interesting to see if Kuro will attempt to replicate Fable’s actions during this trip. On that note, it was strange to see Yoko vouch against Kuro imitating Fable. This is weird because she was all for Kuro having a tough time with Fable on this trip. 

Overall, this was a fun chapter of The Fable.

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