The Fable – Season 1 Episode 13 Recap & Review


Episode 13 of The Fable begins with Sunagawa murdering the man who was ordered to assault Misaki. Sunagawa’s hire wants to know why Sunagawa chose to murder his ally. The hitman says it’s because Sunagawa wants to murder everyone who knows about Sunagawa’s plans to assassinate Kojima. The hitman says he and the hire should be safe since Sunagawa needs them. 

Meanwhile, Kojima wakes up strapped to a chair. Takeshi and Fable are in front of him. The former interrogates Kojima about his actions. Kojima says he was in prison for 15 years so he wanted to re-experience the yakuza lifestyle. Takeshi tells Fable that Kojima was in prison for 15 years because he murdered a respectable woman.  

Next, Takeshi argues Kojima’s erectile dysfunction is enticing him to act more violently than normal. Takeshi says it’s possible Kojima doesn’t love women, angering Kojima. The former asks Fable to leave him and Kojima alone. Fable flees to Yoko’s place and Takeshi tells Kojima Fable is a hitman who works under the Maguro Group. 

Takeshi tells Kojima he’s disappointed in him and demands that he apologize to Sunagawa. Kojima fills Takeshi in on everything. Takeshi stands up and promises to unzip Kojima’s zip ties. Kojima apologizes to Takeshi and Takeshi tells Kojima that he’s on his side. Takeshi pulls out a firearm and shoots Kojima in the head.

Fable regroups with Takeshi in the garage. Takeshi asks him what he thinks regarding Takeshi’s decision to murder Kojima. Fable doesn’t respond and Takeshi tells Fable the clean-up guy (Matsu) will arrive soon to pick up Kojima’s remains. Takeshi asks Fable to stay with Yoko at her place for the night. He asks Fable for his opinion on what he did again.

Fable says Kojima would’ve perished at the factory regardless. Meanwhile, Misaki visits Yoko and asks Yoko if she can use her bathroom. Misaki says she lost her purse which contained her house keys and other important artifacts. While Misaki hops in the bath, Fable arrives and tells Yoko he can’t stay at his place tonight.

Meanwhile, Takeshi tells Matsu to complete his duty. Takeshi says he won’t assist Matsu with that. Matsu shares his plans for Kojima’s corpse and Takeshi asks Matsu to keep his comments to himself. Takeshi asks Matsu if he’s the same individual who sold Kojima the gun. He wishes Matsu told him about that. Matsu promises Takeshi he didn’t sell Kojima a firearm. 

Takeshi asks Matsu not to chop up Kojima’s body. He asks Matsu to bury Kojima. Meanwhile, Yoko hears Misaki fall in the bathroom. Yoko asks Fable to assist Misaki but not to peep and touch her in inappropriate places because she’s nude. Simultaneously, Misaki recalls the horrible things the yakuza did to her. Misaki wakes up from her nightmare and Yoko informs her what she and Fable did to help her. 

Meanwhile, Takahashi and Takeshi meet Sunagawa on the rooftop. Takeshi informs Sunagawa that he ended Kojima’s life and hopes they’re even. Takeshi informs Sunagawa that Kojima killed his senior because his senior never paid Kojima back for the money he borrowed from him. Sunagawa’s not thrilled because he argues he could’ve salvaged his losses if Kojima remained alive. 

Takeshi knows Sunagawa’s lying because he knows he hired two people to kill Kojima. Sunagawa asks Takeshi to share intel with him about Fable. Takeshi tells Sunagawa that he doesn’t know what Sunagawa is talking about. Sunagawa keeps pestering Takeshi about this. Takeshi tells him their issues have been dealt with and wants Sunagawa to leave Misaki alone.

Sunagawa hands Takahashi Misaki’s purse and wants him to deliver that to her. Fable returns to the garage and ponders Kojima’s outcome. Meanwhile, Misaki sits at a table and looks through Fable’s drawings of her and him. Misaki stops giggling when she notices Fable’s nude yet amusing drawings of her. Simultaneously, Fable watches a new Jackal drama with Captain. 

Meanwhile, Kuro visits Takeshi in the hospital. The former says he’ll recover from his leg injury soon while the latter says he should be released from the hospital in two days. Also, Takeshi informs Kuro that Sunagawa knows Fable exists. Takeshi tells Kuro only he, Kuro, and Hiroshi know Fable’s identity. He wants Kuro to keep it a secret and dodge Sunagawa’s future questions.

Also, Takeshi lies to Kuro, informing him that Kojima went missing. After that, Takeshi asks Kuro why he and the others got Misaki involved in the call-girl business. Kuro says Misaki looked like a girl desperate for money. Takeshi tells Kuro to leave Misaki alone. Kuro regroups with the kickboxer and Takahashi. The kickboxer confirms he gave Misaki her purse back. 

Kuro demands the kickboxer share everything he knows about the masked gentleman (Fable). The kickboxer and Takahashi share these details with Kuro and this pleases Kuro. Kuro says he wants this information because he wants to know what happened to Kojima. Realistically, Kuro wants to learn more about Fable. The trio discusses Fable in detail and Kuro plans to refer to Fable as his teacher. 

Fable visits his place’s rooftop and cooks up a fish. The episode ends with Fable stating how peaceful everything is. 

The Episode Review

Well, it appears Kojima’s reign of terror ended today and many didn’t anticipate Takeshi to be the one to seal Kojima’s fate. While the outcome was shocking, many argue the anime should’ve spent more time fleshing out Takeshi and Kojima’s relationship. Although many folks can understand the sorrow that’d come from murdering your flesh and blood, others may not admire how the series creator, Katsuhisa Minami, tackled their connection. 

If the brother’s relationship had received more focus, it would’ve made Takeshi’s sorrows in the garage hit harder than it did. Besides Kojima, many may not adore how Sunagawa got away with what he did. On top of Kojima, Sunagawa had a hand in torturing Misaki too. Hopefully, this man gets his comeuppance soon alongside Misaki’s perverted co-worker, Kainuma. 

Serious matters aside, this episode had some enjoyable humor. From Fable’s humorous Misaki drawings to Kuro’s fanboyism, this episode contains gags that’ll leave folks smiling and chuckling. All in all, this was an enjoyable chapter of The Fable. It has its shortcomings but produced a fine end to one of the show’s primary antagonists. 

I’m excited to see what other crazy and funny situations occur in episode 14. 

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