The Fable – Season 1 Episode 12 Recap & Review

There’s Always Someone…

Episode 12 of The Fable begins with Fable contacting Yoko, letting her know that he saved Misaki. Yoko reminds Fable that Misaki’s not used to seeing violent things. She suggests Fable tell Misaki a joke or smile at her to calm her down. Fable imitates Jackal in front of Misaki, which frightens her more. Fable tells Yoko that he plans to shoot the three gentlemen’s legs outside. 

He turns to Misaki and tells her the gun’s a toy. Moreover, Fable says he’ll be discussing with the three men outside. Fable departs. Meanwhile, Takeshi asks Fable Two what he wants to do with Fable. Fable Two shares a tale about an artistic child who lost their talent. Meanwhile, Sunagawa and Kojima continue discussing Kojima’s senior’s demise. 

Kojima says he’s uncertain about what Sunagawa’s telling him. Sunagawa tells Kojima that many people claim they saw Kojima leave his senior’s residence. Kojima admits that he saw his senior and collected his money from him. Kojima smiles and Sunagawa clicks his hitman’s pen. Before the hitman shoots Kojima, someone attempts to shoot the hitman. 

Sunagawa’s hire attacks Sunagawa’s two henchmen. Fable loads his weapon and informs Yoko about Sunagawa’s hitman. Yoko wants to get involved, but Fable suggests she stay in the car. Meanwhile, Takeshi continues chatting with Fable Two. Takeshi wonders if Fable Two views Fable as a “savant of killing.” Fable Two argues anyone can be a “savant.” He assigned Fable the task of living an ordinary life to see if he’d fit that description. 

Ultimately, Fable Two wants to see if Fable loses his killing skills over time. However, Fable Two knows Takeshi got Fable into some yakuza matters, thus ruining Fable Two’s plans for Fable. Fable Two pulls out a knife and discusses its origins. Fable Two also shares how this knife relates to Fable Two’s initial impression of Fable. 

Fable Two confirms he discovered Fable’s natural talent and raised him to be an assassin. Also, Fable Two discusses Fable’s analog killing style and how it’s obsolete in today’s era. Ultimately, Fable Two doesn’t want to get rid of Fable nor does he want Takeshi to involve Fable in more yakuza business. Fable Two says he’ll murder Takeshi if he does. Fable Two departs. 

Meanwhile, Sunagawa’s hire fights the kickboxer Takahashi hired in a previous episode. The hire says he only wants to kill Kojima but doesn’t mind hurting the kickboxer. Next, Fable gets involved and plans to fight Sunagawa’s hire. Meanwhile, Takahashi and Kojima scramble on the ground searching for Misaki’s bag. Kojima’s furious that Sunagawa planned to kill him from the start. 

Kojima grabs a pistol and fires a shot at Sunagawa. Sunagawa dodges and yells at his hitman for failing the mission. His hitman promises to finish the deed and warns Sunagawa that an outsider tried killing him. Fable tells the kickboxer to grab Misaki and flee the area with a car. Meanwhile, Fable plans to take care of things here. 

Meanwhile, Sunagawa’s hitman urges Sunagawa to hide somewhere. He plans to handle Sunagawa’s enemies. At the same time, Kojima hands Takahashi a model gun and tells him to survive.  Next, Fable reports how things are going with Sunagawa and Kojima’s forces. Fable also informs Yoko about the kickboxer and Misaki’s developments. 

Fable plans to defeat Sunagawa’s hitman and shut off the mosquito noise caused by Sunagawa’s pen. Fable ends the call and throws a smoke bomb in the area. Sunagawa’s hitman is impressed and wonders if he’s dealing with Fable. If so, he wants to murder Fable. Fable heads downstairs and immobilizes the hitman. He shoots a few more rounds and harms Kojima. 

Fable walks past Sunagawa’s hitman and enters the area where Kojima and Takahashi are located. Fable scolds Takahashi for using a model gun. Fable grabs Kojima, exits the building, and shoots the device that’s emitting the mosquito noise. The mosquito noise stops. The kickboxer flees with Misaki. Meanwhile, Fable rejoins Yoko and places Kojima in the trunk. The two escape the area. 

Yoko asks Fable if he killed anyone and Fable promises he didn’t. However, Fable recalls the first guy never waking up and says it’s possible that man died. Yoko yells at him for doing that. Fable remembers the incident with that man and believes he’s unconscious. Meanwhile, the kickboxer chats with Misaki. Misaki and the kickboxer wonder why the masked gentleman saved them.

This masked gentleman was Fable. Moreover, Misaki is concerned about what will happen to her. The kickboxer says it’ll depend on Kojima’s fate. However, he promises to look after Misaki and involve the police if bad things happen. Next, the kickboxer calls Takahashi on the phone. While that’s happening, Sunagawa’s hitman and hire inform Sunagawa about Fable and wonder what he plans to do with Kojima.

Meanwhile, Fable returns home and Kojima sees Fable unmasked. Meanwhile, the kickboxer drops Misaki off somewhere and hands her his phone number. He tells Misaki to call him if she runs into trouble. At the same time, Sunagawa investigates the area. He looks at the toy bullet Fable used to harm everyone. Sunagawa reflects on the intel his hitman and other allies told him about.

He wonders if Hiroshi or Takeshi ordered Fable to interrupt his and Kojima’s meeting. Sunagawa tells Takahashi and the other gentleman to leave the area. The episode closes with Sunagawa telling his hitman he wants to do something else. 

The Episode Review

The Fable delivers a wonderful balance of comedy, suspense, and action with this week’s chapter. From Fable’s hilarious attempts at calming Misaki down to his swift immobilization tactics, this episode demonstrates why he’s a man worth praising and fearing. Additionally, this chapter offers snippets of details concerning Fable Two’s connection with Fable. 

It was interesting seeing him compare a child and knife to Fable. Although some fans may have preferred a simplistic explanation, others will admire the showrunners for delving into these characters’ origins through creative means. At the same time, that scene offers fans answers to questions they may have had concerning Fable’s ordinary life mission. 

It makes sense from Fable Two’s perspective. In reality, most folks tend to lose their exceptional skills over time, whenever they’re away from a hobby they admire. However, Fable will likely find himself in a heap of trouble, considering Sunagawa, his hitman, and his hire know about his involvement. On top of giving us some sincere scenarios between the kickboxer and Misaki, this was a great showcase from The Fable. 

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