The Fable – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

The Phantom of the…

Episode 10 of The Fable begins with Sunagawa speaking with the hitman he hired. He wants the hitman to exterminate two people and hands him a photo of Kojima. Sunagawa tells the hitman where he and Kojima plan to meet. During this meeting, Sunagawa wants the hitman to shoot Kojima. Sunagawa refuses to elaborate on the second person he wants the hitman to kill. 

Meanwhile, Misaki’s pervy co-worker (Kainuma) snoops through her home and removes a camera he installed in one of her outlets. Next, Misaki visits Yoko’s home and gives her a gift for letting her stay at her place the other night. Then, Yoko and Misaki overhear a car starting. Yoko texts Fable to head to her place to drink with her and Misaki. Fable leaves Yoko on “read,” angering Yoko. 

Yoko tries to entice Fable to head to her place, but Fable ignores her and drives off somewhere in Takeshi’s car. Next, Yoko and Misaki discuss topics like personal dreams and jobs. Meanwhile, two thugs pummel Misaki’s boss at night. He was wandering the streets drunk out of his mind. Then, Fable infiltrates Takeshi’s home and we receive a flashback. In it, Takeshi gave Fable his home’s keys and wanted him to retrieve his revolver. 

Moreover, Takeshi wants Fable to install six cameras Fable removed from Fable’s new home. This will help Fable monitor Kojima’s activity in Takeshi’s home. Kojima and Takahashi return to Takeshi’s home. Fable swiftly avoids the men’s detection. At the same time, Takahashi’s phone rings. Takahashi tells Kojima Sunagawa’s calling and wants to speak with Kojima about something. 

While Kojima calls Takahashi, Kainuma watches Misaki’s home camera footage on his laptop at his place. He learns Misaki’s getting into a call-girl-centric fiasco with someone. Before he can question this dilemma further, someone calls Kainuma. He picks it up and learns it’s someone from Taihei’s hospital. 

At the same time, Kojima tells Sunagawa that Misaki works for Kojima’s call girl service. Kojima tells Sunagawa he’ll let Misaki work at Sunagawa’s hostess club. Simultaneously, Fable eavesdrops on Kojima’s conversation with Sunagawa from behind a wall. Kojima asks Sunagawa to give him two more days to share more details and ends the call. 

Takahashi and Kojima discuss the matter in detail and Fable leaves. Then, Fable and Misaki arrive to work the next day. Kainuma tells Misaki and Fable that Misaki’s boss was taken to the hospital last night. Kainuma asks Misaki if she’s been fooling around with dangerous people. He reveals that he knows someone from another workplace of hers who got hurt. 

Misaki leaves to get fresh air. Fable confronts Kainuma and demands he tell him everything he knows. Additionally, Fable knows Kainuma’s been filming Misaki with hidden cameras. Although Fable knows Kainuma’s in the wrong for his actions, he wants Kainuma to hand over the footage so he can help Misaki. Kainuma tells Fable that Misaki’s possibly working with yakuza people. 

Meanwhile, Sunagawa’s hitman and his ally discuss the hitman’s past work involving the Samekan group. Although the hitman took out most of the members for Sunagawa, he says someone else defeated the group’s boss and all its members. The hitman believes Fable did it and is backing Hiroshi’s yakuza group. Sunagawa’s hitman believes Fable’s real, unlike his ally. 

The hitman says if Fable’s involved in this Sunagawa debacle, he wants to exterminate him. Later, Kojima picks Misaki up from one of her workplaces. Kojima gives Misaki an offer. If she helps him out by being a call girl and hostess, he’ll only have her work for him and Sunagawa for three months. Kojima says he’ll present Misaki with a contract to sign later so he doesn’t have to worry about anything. He presents Misaki with the contract at his place and Misaki looks upset to sign it.

Meanwhile, Yoko stumbles upon Fable crafting a gun barrel in the garage. Before we see Fable ask Yoko for help with something, we return to following Misaki and Kojima. Misaki goes with Kojima’s faster deal and signs the contract. Kojima asks Misaki sensual questions and Misaki answers them much to her displeasurement. 

Fable continues working on his weapon while thinking about everything that’s happening to Kojima and Misaki. Meanwhile, Kojima drops Misaki off at her home and tells her to put on certain clothes for tomorrow’s call-girl day. Elsewhere, Takahashi visits Yoko. The latter gives the former a watch because she felt bad about their last date. 

Yoko bids Takahashi farewell minutes later and returns to Fable’s side. She tells Fable that she gave Takahashi the GPS tracker watch. Fable says he’d normally kill his targets and leave, but he has to operate carefully since Misaki’s involved in this dilemma. He doesn’t want Misaki to discover the truth about his true line of work. Fable says he’s developing gun rounds that’ll knock out Kojima. He confirms how long it takes to make these special rounds.

The episode closes with Fable getting ready for his reunion with Kojima. 

The Episode Review

Although Kainuma’s been a slimeball since his introduction, we’re thankful his nefarious schemes were useful for once. With his weird camera ploys, Fable received the intel he needed to abandon his lifestyle and return to his Fable-centric line of work. At the same time, we’re optimistic Fable or someone else will give this disgusting individual his comeuppance once matters have been resolved between Kojima and Sunagawa. 

Speaking of Fable, this episode demonstrates his excellent detective and craftsman skills. From his swift investigative work at Takeshi’s home to the words he was sharing with Yoko regarding his new firearm, Fable truly is a mercenary worth admiring. It’ll be interesting to see what occurs when he reunites with Kojima again. We’re certain Kojima will regret crossing paths with this legendary hitman. 

Moreover, it’s upsetting seeing Misaki end up in this sour predicament. Although most of this stems from her past work, one can’t help but feel sorry for Misaki here. From performing sensual acts to Kojima’s thumb to being stalked by a nasty coworker, we’re hopeful this girl’s future will sprout brighter results by the time The Fable ends. 

Overall, this was a great episode of The Fable. Despite its visual hiccups and slightly convenient moments, the story remains engaging and intense. Hopefully, Fable can save the day. 

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