The Expanse Season 6 Review – An abrupt ending to what’s otherwise a solid sci-fi series

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The Expanse is one of the best modern sci-fi shows on TV. Smartly written and weaving a large, expansive world full of grounded realistic characters, Syfy’s epic space series was left in limbo after the network unceremoniously dumped it from their programming schedule after 3 seasons.

Thanks to a massive fan petition that picked up a lot of steam, Amazon saved the show from cancellation obscurity and saved it from certain doom.

When Amazon announced this sixth season would be 6 episodes in total and leave 3 books left to adapt, many people worried that the series would go the same route as Game of Thrones, crashing and burning in the final lap.

Thankfully The Expanse doesn’t go that far, although this last season does feel rushed and struggles under the weight of expectation.

Season 6 essentially juggles two main storylines. The first feels unresolved and centers on a separate colony on the planet of Laconia. Given this is an integral plotline to the books, it feels odd to include it here, given the lack of resolution.

The other story arc fares much better and centers on the continued threat of Marco Inaros and his Free Navy. With the Ring Gates under his control and the combined forces of Mars and Earth at a stand-still, all hope seems lost. Could the Belters be the key to turning their fortunes?

This expanded saga involving the Free Navy has been given a good amount of screen-time, given it chewed up a good portion of the run-time last season too. Here though, it’s given a good dose of finality, with the future of the solar system resolved and politics settled. At least for now.

While there is a conclusive ending and most of the big plot points wrapped up, a few ambiguous plot points and resolutions does leave some question marks over whether the show will be picked up for spin-offs or additional sequels.

Aesthetically, The Expanse still looks great, although it’s worth noting that there are a few awkward CGI shots late on in the finale. Aside from that though, most of this season looks fantastic and the soundtrack is just as good as it was way back during season 1.

As far as storytelling goes, The Expanse has always exceled when it comes to its character depth. That much is evident here too although with only 6 episodes to play with, it doesn’t leave a lot of wiggle room. Despite that, there are some great moments late on as the characters come to their journey’s end.

It’s not perfect and in many ways, this is the weakest of the six seasons. The main plot involving Marco Inaros is resolved well but the Laconia and Ring Gate conclusions leave a lot to be desired. Still, hats off to Amazon for saving this one and despite a shaky conclusion, bows out with a decent final chapter to this epic sci-fi series.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

1 thought on “The Expanse Season 6 Review – An abrupt ending to what’s otherwise a solid sci-fi series”

  1. So completely disagree with your ratings & judgement on this terrific series ( even though they are good). This is much better even than you say. I mean really-grudging- what planet are you on?- as they say! This a SOLID series? Wow.
    You’re so wide of the mark, it’s pointless, to engage.
    What you ARE right about- because it’s been very obviously written that way- is the opening that there is still much to develop, if anyone further picks this landmark sci-fi up. It ought to be very tempting for someone, particularly given the excitement, quality, and crucially the enticements that we’re left with.

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