The Expanse – Season 6 Episode 5 “Why We Fight” Recap & Review

Why We Fight

Episode 5 of The Expanse Season 6 begins with Cara on Laconia again. She leads Xan out into the woods, where the creatures manage to miraculously heal him back to health. There’s three of them this time, and they depart when Cara approaches.

Xan is alive, but he’s different from before. “The dogs fixed you,” Cara says happily, throwing her arms around her brother. But there’s something off about him. We’ll have to wait for episode 6 to see what that is!

Drummer’s rallying speech last episode has certainly sparked the fuels of war, and things look set to kick off in a big way. At least they would if Marco wasn’t so tactically savvy.

He’s strategically placed 6 railguns right the way across the rings, which take out an MCRN strike force with ease. As Avasarala learns about this, she deliberates over how to proceed with this.

Nukes are a no-go, given what happened last time with the Rings, while Gareth’s suggestion of abandoning Ceres is met with massive disdain by Avasarala. She refuses to leave them to starve. Besides, that would only strengthen Marco’s claim. For now, she’s left to ponder what to do but no matter what she chooses, it’s not going to be easy.

Bobbie does her best to stand by Avasarala’s side, eventually giving her some tough love when things grow heated. She reminds the Ambassador that now is not the time for “self-pity bullsh*t” but to fight back.

Meanwhile, the Roci receives a new upgrade in the form of carbon silicate plating. Despite its ties with the Protomolecule research, Holden worries that the Rings – and whatever lurks inside them – may be growing angrier. Holden and Naomi’s chat about this is interrupted by news of Camina and her supplies inbound to Ceres.

Camina communicates with the UN, who are pretty frosty toward her and want to search each of the vessels before she heads in. That is, until Avasarala jumps on the feed and promises safe passage and aid for her crew. Naomi also sends a really nice message in the wake of this, thanking Camina for what she’s done in this war.

Elsewhere, Holden heads in to see Avasarala. He warns that traveling through the Rings is not safe and some ships – including the Barkeith – have been known to disappear. Holden wants to share this with Inaros too, given the universe-wide threat this poses. It could put all of them at risk if what’s inside gets out.

Avasarala though, shows him the threat of the railguns and the dilemma they’re currently in. She wants Holden’s help in gaining Camina as an ally. Essentially she wants to use Camina and the rebel Belters to help fight against Inaros. This also explains why Avasarala has been so friendly to the Belter.  Given she’s well respected – especially after the aggressive message last episode – it’s certainly a great idea.

Avasarala also brings up a moment from episode 1, the time she strung up a Belter to suffocate. This was our first introduction to the Ambassador and that, as she’s quick tO point out – is the opinion the Belters have of her that needs to change.

Meanwhile, Michio decides to stay with Josep and guide him through the difficult part of his rehab. Camina is to continue the fight, determined to bring it to Marco’s doorstep.

Camina is something of a celerity now and given preferential treatment on Ceres. She skips the line (much to Nico’s dismay) and heads on her ship to greet Naomi. Camina has lost all of her crew to the war, in one form or another, and refuses to accept Naomi’s apology.

Cutting through the pleasantries, Naomi opens up and reveals the the truth about Avasarala’s plan. When she finds out that Camina has been asked to fight by the Inner’s side, she’s angry and disgusted at Naomi working against her. She’s unwilling to see how things have changed now. She still sees Avasarala as that torturer from season 1. “This universe has no place for me,” Camina eventually says.

Elsewhere, Rosenfeld shows the angry speech from Filip down in the canteen from the previous episode. She points out that it’s nice to see that sort of fire in him, as Marco clearly sees a bit of himself and his own fire in the boy. There’s certainly no doubting who Filip’s father is!

Filip though heads down to see Tadeo. He’s found out what’s happened to his brother; he was on the docks on Ceres Station when the water tanks exploded. He’s dead. Tadeo is distraught and Filip immediately heads in to his cell, offering comfort.

As the episode closes out, Avasarala extends her hand and negotiates a truce in order to stop Marco Inaros. Camina briefly pauses before eventually accepting her hand, shaking as the battle lines are well and truly drawn to take out Marco once and for all.

The Episode Review

The Expanse bows out this week’s penultimate episode with the impending battle looming on the horizon. How on earth this show is going to wrap everything up in one episode though is anyone’s guess. There’s so much going on here and I can’t help but worry that unless the episode is feature length, we’re not going to get the well-written conclusion many fans are crying out for with this one.

However, there’s a lot to like with this and the episode does well to link back to the early seasons and the big fight that’s gripped The Expanse’s universe since the early days when this show was a cult Syfy hit.

Episode5 also returns to the threat the Rings pose but with barely any development or time dedicated to it – not to mention those early moments on Laconia sprinkled through the openings of this season – it’s still unknown exactly how everything is going to fit together.

Either way though, The Expanse has been a great watch and the ending leaves next week as an absolute must-watch chapter.

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