The Exorcism (2024) Ending Explained – Is Anthony possessed?

The Exorcism (2024) Plot Summary

The Exorcism released in June 2024 is helmed by Joshua John Miller of The Final Girls fame and has a starry cast including Russell Crowe, Ryan Simpkins, Sam Worthington, Chloe Bailey, David Hyde Pierce, Adam Goldberg and a sneaky cameo by Adrian Pasdar.

With a meta-theme, The Exorcism begins with the production of a horror movie that is a remake of a popular movie. Crowe’s Anthony is a deadbeat dad and a mediocre actor with addiction problems. It doesn’t help that he has a strained relationship with his daughter, Lee who is your usual rebellious teenager. After being kicked out of school, she ends up moving in with her dad who tries to reconnect with her. As he books the horror movie gig, things seem to be looking up for the duo, that is till filming actually begins.

Anthony plays Father Arlington who is an exorcist tasked with helping a teenage girl who has been possessed by the demon Molech (Moloch). Despite there being a real priest on set, Father Conor who is also a psychologist, the movie starts taking a toll on Anthony. Oh yeah, he was an altar boy as a kid which led to a traumatic incident (you can guess what type). While his troubles may be of the supernatural type, it is hard to tell as everyone around him thinks he has gone to his drinking habits which is affecting the filming.

Is Anthony possessed?

At the beginning of The Exorcism, an assistant is killed by an invisible being while working on the blocking of the fake movie. Once Anthony gets the role of Father Arlington, from Day 1 of the shoot, he has trouble with his role. Viewers see him appearing and disappearing at home which Lee chalks off as tricks of the night.

But as days go by, he starts deteriorating physically and mentally. But we get the real clue 30 minutes into the movie when he visibly shuts the door with his mind and terrorises Lee. Initially, Father Conor tries to pass it off as Anthony being a method actor but he is disturbed when Lee records her dad muttering the lines from the film that call to the Demon Molech by sacrificing children.

While filming the exorcism scene of the movie, Anthony struggles till the director tries to motivate him by bringing up his sexual assault. This angers Anthony who walks off. However, he stops in front of everyone and his body starts contorting unnaturally and he beats himself up. This confirms that he has been possessed by Molech.

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What happens to the fake movie?

After Molech makes his appearance, the production could care less as they need to get on with the filming and complete it. The investors want it to be the best movie ever made and the director convinces Joe, the co-star to replace Anthony. While Anthony sleeps at home, Joe rehearses his lines as Father Arlington.

This seems to provoke Molech which leads to the lights on the sound stage switching off. Only the lights at the vanity station are on and Joe changes into Anthony’s costume and continues to rehearse in front of the mirror. This is the final straw as Molech appears in the mirror and breaks Joe’s neck. The production wises up and through Blake, the female co-star, we learn that the movie has been shut down.

How is Molech defeated?

After Molech kills Joe, he goes after Lee and Blake who are trying to take care of Anthony. When they refuse to go down, he disappears by falling down the window. However, Lee is able to feel him and she tells Blake and Father Conor. The three head to the now abandoned sound stage where the production had shot the exorcism scene.

But Molech instantly takes control of Father Conor and Blake. He tries to get Anthony to kill Lee but she attacks him with a cross. His hold breaks over them and Father Conor offers himself as a willing vessel. Molech agrees but it is a bad move as Anthony instantly starts exorcising Molech once he gains control of his body.

Blake and Lee join him but it isn’t enough. It seems that Molech is about to become invincible but following the exorcist prayer to Saint Michael, Anthony stabs Father Conor with the cross. Molech is destroyed but so is Father Conor as his body burns into flames.

How does The Exorcism end?

We fast forward to some time in the future following Molech’s defeat. Anthony goes into confession every day and reveals that he and Lee are good. We see that she has gone back to writing and sent a script of hers to Anthony. Back to his confession, he doesn’t know how to forgive himself for all he has done possessed as Molech. But he hopes that they get a good second chance at life.

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