The Escape of the Seven – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Who Are The Seven?

Episode 6 of The Escape of the Seven starts with the appearance of the strange man at the poisonous flower field. The strange man is from the yacht company and is here to help. He keeps asking if they are okay, and they get agitated. He then leads them through a thorny field, forcing them to crawl out to a clearing, but a swamp swallows up the path. 

Mo-ne tries to go through but starts to sink, so they pull her out. They devise a plan to use the rest of the company as their stepping-stones through the swamp and let them go in fast. Once inside, they sacrifice the others stepping on them to get through the swamp. The guide watches and then walks away when they get to the other side. 

The people swallowed by the swamp turn into monsters, and they work together to kill the monster. In the next scene, everyone still alive wakes up from the hallucination, all covered in blood with bodies around them. Jin-mo sees that the wells they had seen earlier are full of skeletons, while Detective Nam sees its clean water. Detective Nam realizes that they were drugged, and the guide reappears. 

He guides them through a dry river when a wave comes crushing, and they wake up at the shore. The boat available can only accommodate seven people; the survivors are thirteen so far. The fight for survival begins with everyone willing to sacrifice the other to get on the boat. After a blood bath, the last seven who survive are Mo-ne, La-hui, Do-hyuk, Jin-mo, Ju-ran, Detective Nam, and Myung-ji. They decide to return to the hotel and act as if nothing happened.

Back at the hotel, they each find mysterious notes waiting. Ju-ran’s note says she is Chairman Bang’s murderer, Myung-ji’s says she is the adulterous teacher of Myeongju Girls’ High School, and Do-hyuk’s says he is the creator of Bobble. Detective Nam’s note says he is the druggie detective, La-hui’s says she is Bobble’s biological mother, Mo-ne’s says she is the real teen mom of Myeongju Girls High School, and Jin-mo’s says he is the real creator of Scarlet Letter. 

Jin-mo and La-hui rush into Yong-joo’s room convinced he is the one who sent them the notes. Jin-mo finds the drugs on his nightstand and is sure it is him. He drugged them, and they did all the horrible things on the Island. Detective Nam is now the Jeju Police Commissioner, and he comes up with a plan to help them out. They destroy evidence, and Mathew Lee watches from his central room. The guide La-hui attacked is Mathew Lee. 

The seven start their cover story, and they start the execution during the interview with the police. They all seem to deliver their parts flawlessly, unlike Do-hyuk, who acts nervous. Later, the police asked them not to leave the hotel as they found the bodies of the missing people stacked together. A hotel worker also says she arrived earlier and saw La-hui burning many clothes in a trashcan. La-hui says she was burning Mo-ne’s clothes, but the police officer found a man’s handkerchief in the trash. The police try to push them to a corner, but Mathew Lee comes to the rescue. He offers to accompany the police to investigate the crime scene. Cheol-woo and La-hui offer to accompany him. 

At the hotel, Do-hyuk lets the others know that the event might connect to Da-mi. Although they disagree with knowing her aloud, they all ponder the situation. Do-hyuk calls someone to give them a tip about Han Mo-ne. 

At the Island, La-hui and Cheol-woo realize that the aurora, the fruits, and the flying unicorn were all hallucinations. The police deduce that a fight might have broken out after a drug party involving a Chinese drug called “Blicka.” La-hui’s bracelet is found in a swamp, and Mathew Lee gives it to the police as evidence. They return to the hotel and inform the others that they had hallucinated the previous night’s events. Yong-joo’s body is missing, and there is no record of them calling the yacht company and requesting rescue.

Mathew Lee informs them that he has vouched for them, and they can return home. He also convinces the police not to release the survivors list and offers to take them back in his personal jet. He apologizes for getting them involved as the event sponsor and leaves. 

La-hui follows Mathew Lee to request that she hire her to run TIKITAKA studios. He tells her that they have someone already lined up for that position. La-hui vows that if she wants something, she always gets it and will not lose the position. 

Hae-bin calls La-hui to tell her they are in trouble at LH Media. They arrive back, and reporters wait outside the media house. The reporters ask about the mass murder at Mo-ne’s event in Jeju Island. Mo-ne fails to respond and negative articles about her flood the internet. Brands start to pull out and cancel contracts. La-hui directs her team to buy out all products that Mo-ne represents to stop people from boycotting. Ji-a comes up with a plan.

Meanwhile, Mo-ne has nightmares about what she did to Da-mi. She met with Da-mi on the day she died; begging her not to Livestream, but Da-mi tells her she is out of chances. She hits her with a rock and wakes up from the nightmare screaming. At the end of the episode, she tells La-hui that she killed Bang Da-mi.

The Episode Review

The episode does not maintain the previous episode’s thrill; it is about letting the seven know of the hallucination. Mathew Lee’s plan is still unclear, but discloses the seven targets of his revenge. Each had a part to play in Da-mi’s misery. Did Mo-ne kill Da-mi? The events surrounding what happened on the day of the Livestream are still a mystery. Do-hyuk seems to be working a different angle but is convinced Da-mi’s mother led to his family’s death. The series is progressing slowly, which is frustrating. The next episode should start picking up and keeping to the main storyline. 

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