The Eighth Sense – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Episode 7

Episode 7 of The Eighth Sense starts where we left off as Jae-won sits by the beach looking at the sea after he saves Ji-hyun from drowning. A month after the accident, Yoon-won tells the surf club members that the college had dissolved the club after Ji-hyun was nearly killed in a tragic accident. Tae-hyung is furious that the entire club is suffering because of Jae-won and Ji-hyun’s mistake.

Ae-ri defends Ji-hyun and Jae-won but the rest of the surf club members are furious at the duo for ruining things for everyone else. Ae-ri is angry and claims that Ji-hyun is fighting for his life at the hospital and adds that the rest of the surf club are insensitive towards him. Eun-ji starts attacking Ae-ri about her attitude but Yoon-won breaks the verbal argument.

Tae-hyung storms off, claiming that Jae-won needs to take responsibility for what’s been happening. Eun-ji and Ae-ri almost get into a physical fight and the freshmen comfort Ae-ri. The other members of the surf club are gossiping about Jae-won’s relationship with Ji-hyun as they’re the only two people that went on the trip. 

Jae-won visits the photography shop to get his camera repaired after his father smashed it. The shopkeeper tells him that the camera is unfixable and suggests he get a new one instead.

Tae-hyung is the Teaching Assistant for the class and makes an insensitive and indirect joke about Ji-hyun’s accident. Jae-won is furious and punches Tae-hyung in front of all the other seniors. Tae-hyung makes a complaint against Jae-won and is questioned by the college board as a result.

The next day, Jae-won gets a call from the college board that a hearing will take place the following Wednesday. He is also told that he is suspended from college in the meantime. That evening, Eun-ji walks with her arms in Jae-won’s and tries to kiss him. Jae-won does not reciprocate and pulls away, claiming that it’s getting late and he needs to get home. 

Jae-won is with his therapist who is worried about him. She asks why he stopped coming to therapy for so long and he reveals that his “friend” had met with an accident. Jae-won blames himself for the incident and the therapist explains how she feels responsible every time her patients die by suicide. She feelss like she was not able to save them. She also states that she blames herself for being the only person who knew what they went through.

Jae-won claims that he got too close too soon to Ji-hyun and was selfishly clinging to him for his personal benefit. Since Ji-hyun was his only source of refuge, Jae-won thinks that he’s the reason behind Ji-hyun’s almost-fatal accident.  

A few days after, Ji-hyun is at his physiotherapist’s clinic, and reveals that he’s better now and doesn’t need the neck brace following up with his accident. Joon-pyo accompanies Ji-hyun to meet his boss who is happy to see he’s okay and doing well. Later that night, Ji-hyun thanks Joon-pyo for being there for him throughout the accident and for filling in for him at work, as well as during classes. 

Ji-hyun and Joon-pyo hang out with Ae-ri, who is more than happy to see Ji-hyun. She asks Ji-hyun about Jae-won, while Ae-ri also tells Ji-hyun that Tae-hyung had filed an official complaint against Jae-won, hence why Jae-won had a hearing with the college council. Ji-hyun wants to help him, as Ae-ri reveals that Yoon-won and Eun-ji are going to give their statements in Jae-won’s favour.

Joon-pyo leaves the two alone as Ji-hyun tells Ae-ri that his last memory when he woke up in the hospital was being at the beach with Jae-won. He claims that it’s the happiest he has been in all his life and that he wants to help Jae-won through this incident.

Later that night, Joon-pyo convinces Ji-hyun to go out for drinks, despite the doctor’s orders. They go to a bar that serves the freshmen hard liquor despite being minors. After drinks, Ji-hyun is back at the dorms in bed. He looks at his photos with Jae-won from their trip and drops him another text that Jae-won ignores yet again, as the episode comes to an end.  

The Episode Review

The breath of relief I experienced when seeing Ji-hyun alive in this episode was incomparable. I love the way the episode was executed and the importance of colours is a huge deal in this show. It was all gloomy and dark when we were led to believe that Ji-hyun was no more, however when our ball of sunshine came on screen, everything was bright again. 

Knowing that Jae-won had to drag Ji-hyun’s limp body out of the water, I understand his decision to keep a distance from Ji-hyun. Jae-won is clearly worried that he would cause more threats to Ji-hyun if he clings to Ji-hyun in the longer run. I love how Ji-hyun is giving Jae-won all the time he needs knowing his trauma from losing his brother.

Tae-hyung is pure evil and deserves hell or worse for the insensitive joke he made at Ji-hyun’s expense. I am sure this complaint was his way to ensure that Jae-won won’t be having a career in the future. I am looking forward to the next episode because hopefully Ji-hyun will help Jae-won get out of trouble, with the couple soon getting back together and giving us a happily ever after!

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