The Eighth Sense – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

Episode 6 of The Eighth Sense starts with Jae-won and Ji-hyun taking a trip to the ocean. Ji-hyun is shocked by the sudden change in Jae-won’s mood and is worried that the senior is hiding something. He asks Jae-won what’s bothering him but the latter dismisses the questions. While Jae-won uses the restroom on the highway, Ji-hyun gets a music flash drive as a present from the local shop owner.

Once Jae-won is back, the duo buy a meal and have it by the side of the street. Ji-hyun asks Jae-won if he needs to chat and if there’s something bothering him. Jae-won claims that Ji-hyun was being too direct in asking him something this serious. Ji-hyun excuses himself and Jae-won visits the local shop.

The shopkeeper asks how Jae-won knows Ji-hyun. Jae-won mentions that Ji-hyun is his boyfriend and the shopkeeper gifts Jae-won a bag of fireworks. The duo get back in the car and Ji-hyun plays the trot music as Jae-won drives them to the beach. Once there, Jae-won and Ji-hyun talk about their lives and Ji-hyun shares how he had trauma when it came to being in the ocean after he was bullied as a sea cadet as a child.

Jae-won claims that parents often force their kids to be boy or girl scouts, as well as sea cadets, when those are the places where kids have the hardest times at. Ji-hyun asks if they’re going to go in the water that day but Jae-won states that they will only be looking around. Jae-won asks Ji-hyun if he’s seeing Ae-ri romantically and the latter of the two claims that he’s just good friends with her.

Ji-hyun asks Jae-won why the senior has asked Ji-hyun out for a private trip. Jae-won claims that Ji-hyun was unaware of the emotional baggage that Jae-won carried inside him. He adds that this made hanging out with Ji-hyun more comfortable. The duo chat while roaming around the beach house they had rented for the two nights. They also take photos of each, other and of the two of them together.

Later that night, Jae-won and Ji-hyun talk about their families, as Jae-won confesses that he had a younger brother the same age as Ji-hyun. Jae-won talks about how Jae-jin had died due to an accident that he had witnessed. Jae-won spares Ji-hyun the details, stating he was uncomfortable discussing it.

Jae-won shares that his brother wanted him to be a photographer and decides that Jae-jin’s last gift to Jae-won is a camera that had been smashed by his father the day before. Seeing Jae-won emotional, Ji-hyun asks to light up the fireworks by the beach. Once that is done, Jae-won sets up an air mattress for them to sleep on by the beach itself. Ji-hyun complains that he often gets cold pretty easily.

Jae-won and Ji-hyun still sleep by the beach, curled up in each other’s arms. The next morning, Ji-hyun wakes up to Jae-won watching him sleep. They chat while Ji-hyun warms up by drinking some tea. Ji-hyun praises Jae-won for being around and making him feel included. Jae-won ignores the compliment and asks him to get ready for their day surfing.

The two play around as they surf and Jae-won kisses Ji-hyun claiming that it was to relieve his childhood trauma. Ji-hyun kisses Jae-won back claiming he was trying to give Jae-won trauma. The two make out around the water and later a montage shows them together in the beach house, sleeping in each other’s arms. The couple make out as they hook up with each other.

An epilogue takes the episode to Jae-won and Ji-hyun being at the beach the following day. Jae-won is shocked when Ji-hyun starts drowning and Jae-won tries his best to save him. Jae-won manages to drag Ji-hyun’s seemingly lifeless body outside the water. The episode ends with Jae-won sitting at the beach by himself looking at the ocean.

The Episode Review

Whatever happened at the end of this episode sucked the life out of me. If Jae-won was to lose another person he really loved, I am sure it would end him. Knowing how much he loved his brother and was the sole witness to Jae-jin’s death, I am not sure if he will be able to live normally if something were to happen to Ji-hyun.

I am hoping that Ji-hyun’s drowning was a nightmare and that it’s Jae-won’s mind playing games with him. Six episodes into this 10-episode drama, we finally have Jae-won and Ji-hyun hook up. However, with the shocking ending of this episode, I am not sure if viewers of The Eighth Sense will be enjoying the romantic NC scene because everyone is too busy praying to Ji-hyun to be alive.

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  1. That was horrible. Cried my eyes out. Also, the next episode let us hang in that terrible feeling for to long.

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