The Eighth Sense – K-Drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

Episode 5

Episode 5 of The Eighth Sense starts with Ae-ri and Ji-hyun being paired together to make a presentation on a movie for their liberal arts class. After class is done, Ae-ri convinces Ji-hyun to bunk class with her and the two agree to go shopping at the mall. The two freshmen run into Yoon-won, so Tae-hyun and Jae-won invite them over for a surf club get-together later that night.

Jae-won and Ji-hyun exchange glances at each other throughout the conversation and Tae-hyung asks Ae-ri to invite Bit-na to the get-together. Once at the mall, Ae-ri convinces Ji-hyun to buy a new outfit for later that evening. Meanwhile, the seniors, including Jae-won are discussing who will pay for this get-together.

Tae-hyung jokes that Jae-won should use his rich mother’s credit card to pay. Joon-won claims that the three seniors should be the ones to pay and that they would split the bill equally.

Ae-ri and Ji-hyun hang out at a pastry shop and the former forces Ji-hyun to take endless pictures of her. Tae-hyung and Yoon-won coax Jae-won to call Ji-hyun and ask about their plans for the evening.

Jae-won appears flustered as it would be his first time talking to Ji-hyun on the call. Tae-hyung jokes that Jae-won is acting like he’s talking to his crush. Jae-won leaves the room to call Ji-hyun and the two confirm their plans to hang out with the other members of the surf club. That evening, Tae-hyung is pissed that the freshmen are not treating them with the same respect they gave their seniors.

Yoon-won calms him down though. Ae-ri and Ji-hyun arrive, announcing that Bit-na is not going to join them as she has plans. This further pisses Tae-hyung off but the group decide to avoid him by having drinks. Ji-hyun offers to grill the meat for them but Jae-won insists on helping.

Tae-hyung asks Yoon-won what she would be working at after graduation and the group starts discussing potential career options. He points out that Jae-won need not worry about work as he had an empire waiting for him after he graduates. He starts talking about Jae-won’s family business and that he was very affluent and did not need to work in order to live comfortably. Jae-won is pissed but Ji-hyun calms him down.

Ae-ri and Ji-hyun change the topic of the conversation and joke about the way Tae-hyung was trying to hook up with a freshman, Bit-na, who was the least interested in him. Ae-ri claims that Bit-na was into good-looking guys only and that Jae-won was one of the only boys from the surf club that had a chance with her. Jae-won gets extremely drunk that evening, and Ji-hyun is worried for him.

The group calls it a night and Ji-hyun offers to take Jae-won home. On their way back home, Ji-hyun leaves Jae-won outside his house. Jae-won thanks Ji-hyun with a hug and goes inside his house. The next morning, Jae-won wakes up to a memory of his father yelling at him for coming home drunk. He breaks Jae-won’s camera, one that his little brother Jae-jin had given him.

Present day, Jae-won suffers a panic attack recalling the memories of his brother. Jae-won finds himself outside the college dorms, calling Ji-hyun to go on a trip with him. A flashback from earlier in the episode shows Jae-won at his therapist’s clinic. His therapist mentions how Jae-won was blaming himself for his brother, Jae-jin’s death. She claims that Jae-won is still trying to compensate his family for the loss.

The therapist asks Jae-won what makes him happy lately and he claims that he had a new friend who makes spending time with him very comfortable. Jae-won appears visibly happy while talking about Ji-hyun and claims that he offers Jae-won a place to rest when he has a lot of things running through his mind. The therapist asks Jae-won to maintain a relationship with his friend since he made him so happy as the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

Ae-ri’s friendship with Ji-hyun is the next best thing on this show after the sexual tension between Jae-won and Ji-hyun. I love the fact that Ji-hyun, our country mouse, has one person aside from Jae-won. I am sure she is an ally and will defend Ji-hyun no matter what. Tae-hyung, on the other hand, is a toxic friend to the core and he is extremely jealous of Jae-won.

The fact that Ji-hyun stood up for his lover and put Tae-hyung in his place with Ae-ri’s help, is a definite stand-out segment. The duo are a menace and we are here for every second of Ji-hyun and Ae-ri on screen! This show is really well-directed and proof of it lies in the simple gestures that speak a lot without the need for any dialogue.

For example, the way Jae-won instantly calms down when Ji-hyun put his hand on Jae-won’s thigh shows how Ji-hyun is the actual calm to Jae-won’s storm. Halfway through this show; I really don’t want The Eighth Sense to end because this is so, so good!

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