The Eighth Sense – K-Drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Episode 3 of The Eighth Sense starts where we left off with Jae-won kissing Ji-hyun by the beach. After hearing people calling for him, Jae-won leaves Ji-hyun alone at the beach to return to the room. The surf club regroups at the campfire and Tae-hyung prepares the alcoholic concoction for the freshers to drink as part of their initiation.

Since Bit-na and Ae-ri are the only other two freshmen besides Ji-hyun, he volunteers to drink the weird cocktail himself. Ae-ri thanks him for saving her and asks Ji-hyun to be friends.

Jae-won and Tae-hyung are having fun being drunk and Jae-won ends up kissing Tae-hyung on the cheek. Yoon-won tells Ji-hyun that Jae-won often kissed his friends when he was too drunk which leaves the latter thinking.

The next morning, Ji-hyun wakes up with a hangover and decides to surf by himself. He makes it to the beach in an oversized wetsuit but tries his best to balance on the surfboard. Jae-won watches Ji-hyun from the shore but doesn’t offer to help. Jae-won hangs out with other members of the club and avoids talking about his kiss with Ji-hyun.

Ji-hyun notices how Jae-won avoids him in the shower as well as on the bus when he leaves Ji-hyun to sit alone on the ride back. The freshmen trio decide to go for drinks together and Yoon-won invites Jae-won for more drinks. Ji-hyun feels left out around Bit-na and Ae-ri while Jae-won and Yoon-won celebrate the successful trip with beer, tequila and a pizza.

Yoon-won urges Jae-won to stop pretending to be a nice person all the time and asks him to express himself more in the future. The duo talk about love and friendships and Yoon-won asks Jae-won to be open-minded about the people he befriends. Meanwhile, Ae-ri and Bit-na try to get familiar with Ji-hyun’s countryside upbringing.

Over drinks, Yoon-won tells Jae-won that Ji-hyun had made some sketches of the surf team members at sea. Jae-won looks at Ji-hyun’s sketches and smiles. Jae-won and Yoon-won are sobering up outside the university and the freshmen trio run into them after their drinks. There is an awkward energy between Ji-hyun and Jae-won with Jae-won trying to avoid eye contact with the former.

Later that night, Ji-hyun looks at photos that Ae-ri had taken of him and Jae-won at the beach. Ji-hyun talks about kissing someone at the surf club and Joon-pyo is curious to know more about it. The next day, Ji-hyun and Ae-ri are in class when she asks to hang out with him for lunch. Ji-hyun makes an excuse to avoid her but she follows him and Joon-pyo around inviting herself to lunch with Ji-hyun another time.

As Ji-hyun and Joon-pyo are having a meal at the cafeteria, Jae-won passes by. Joon-pyo greets Jae-won and thanks him for taking care of Ji-hyun on the trip. Jae-won chats with Joon-pyo but avoids talking to Ji-hyun directly. That afternoon, Jae-won is having a chat with his therapist of 10 years who talks to him about his mental health and his dependence on the medicines she prescribes.

Meanwhile, after work, Ji-hyun spends time talking to his boss. He shares the fact that he had feelings for someone but does not mention who it was. At the train station, Ji-hyun and Jae-won run into each other. They end up catching the same train back home and share the ride in silence as Jae-won smiles at Ji-hyun for the first time since their kiss.

The Episode Review

This episode made me so frustrated with Jae-won. He definitely feels like a red flag but my heart goes out to Ji-hyun who is falling head over heels for someone as confused as Jae-won. Knowing that Jae-won is dealing with mental health issues of his own, it should be his priority to heal himself before finding a partner.

Given the fact that Ji-hyun and Jae-won meet each other at the end of this episode, it is evident that the two will get together in the episodes to come. However, if Jae-won is going to pull and push Ji-hyun again and again, this kind-hearted sunshine will be badly hurt. I can’t wait for what happens in the episodes to come because the sexual tension between Jae-won and Ji-hyun has me hooked.

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