The Eddy – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review


Wheres My Money?

Episode 7 of The Eddy begins with Katarina practicing her drumming back home while faced with her bed-bound Father. His medical bills aren’t cheap and she’s clearly struggling to pay. Even worse, she’s punished for turning up late to work given she had to attend a hospital appointment and the consequence of this comes in the form of docked hours.

Although the situation with Balmont was volatile last time out, he returns just in time as the band prepare to record their album with Franck Levy. Elliot meanwhile heads to the police station and finally tells them the truth about the counterfeiter. He admits that he lied because he wanted the club to be okay and after sighing deeply, Captain Keiter tells him to start again from the beginning, writing down everything he knows.

Back at the club, Katarina sees Balmont in her place on the drum-set but instead of heading in, she stands at the doorway watching. Zivko’s lackey tells Elliot that Sami wants to see him and they head off together as Katarina watches them leave.

At his office, Elliot is sat down and he tells Sami he doesn’t have his money. Only, the counterfeit money was Zivko’s problem and he’s not actually interested in this. Given Zivko’s now dead, that’s not an issue. Instead, Sami presents an offer of 500,000 euros to push Elliot’s album, install sound-proofing for the club and also be given 1/3 stake in the club. Elliot decides to think about it and is allowed to leave the office.

Kat meets Maja and tells her that Elliot meeting Sami is not good news. It turns out Sami is the boss of a dangerous gang known as G-19. Not long after, Captain Keiter arrives at her apartment and questions her over ties to Farid and Zivko. She remains quiet though but as Maja leaves, we see that it was actually Katarina who took the counterfeit bills, stashing them under her Father’s bed.

She heads off to visit Sami and tells him her plan, involving the counterfeit money and trying to save Elliot from a terrible mistake. She tells him to stay away from him but instead he slaps her across the face and watches as his men beat her down to the ground.

Meanwhile, Amira talks to Sim about how she feels about Julie, unbeknownst to him that Julie happens to be standing in the doorway listening. Together, they head out and discuss what they have together, taking it slow and engaging in a romance. They watch old videos of Elliot talking about Julie and playing that night before meeting back up with her Father later on alone, where they finally start to connect properly as father and daughter.

After being beaten to a pulp, Katarina is taken to hospital where Elliot meets her and she admits the truth about the money. Farid told her to hide it in order to protect the club and keep Elliot out of the situation. She believed Sami would think Zivko stole the money and double-crossed him, killing the middle man and leaving the situation as it is. Of course, things didn’t actually turn out this way.

On the back of learning the whole truth, Elliot re-hires Katarina and has her back on drums at the club. In order to convince Franck, Elliot agrees to record a song and be part of the album himself, which is where the episode ends.

As we hit the penultimate episode of this jazz drama, The Eddy is ultimately a series of two halves. On the one hand, this familial drama and anguish this father/daughter have had across the episodes have entwined nicely with the jazz music and it’s here where the show is at its strongest. At the same time, this gang angle has lacked the same cutting edge and substance, coming across as half-baked and slightly cliched in its approach.

Suddenly introducing Sami as the big boss but then subverting expectations by telling us he’s not interested in the money feels a little ill-fitting to the whole conflict this show has been building up to. Even worse, the logic in Katarina hiding the money from Elliot despite knowing the issues he’s been in across the season has actually caused more drama and hassle for him than if she just handed it over to Zivko in the first place and be done with it.

Still, the finale is up next and whether The Eddy will end things on a big cliffhanger or not remains to be seen.


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