The Eddy – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review


Episode 6 of The Eddy sees us follow Sim as he dances around his room to jazz, greeted by his Grandmother who joins him and begins dancing too. Only, she suddenly starts sputtering and vomiting in the toilet which hints at a deeper medical condition that she’s suffering from.

Meanwhile, a fired up Elliot starts looking through the finances with Maja and figuring out just what Farid was hiding. After ignoring a call from Balmont, a beaten Zivko arrives at the club and demands Elliot have the money for him by midnight. Sporting a black eye and burst lip, he gives Elliot until midnight to come up with the money.

Elliot breaks the news about Katarina to the rest of the group. With the album coming up, Elliot tells them Balmont will be replacing her in the studio. The band certainly don’t take take too kindly to this idea but they persevere through while Elliot heads off to Amira’s house and tells her what’s going on. Together, they start going through Farid’s paperwork in his office and around the house but unfortunately get nowhere.

Sim greets Julie and admits he’s stressed about the concert he’s doing for Eid. Even worse, all his equipment has been stolen. Hurrying off alone after making a phone call, he tells Julie to go home. Only, she obviously can’t do that given the arrangement with Amira and instead decides to confront Sim instead. As she walks with him as he moves his food cart, she notices one of the boxes has an assault rifle inside. It turns out he needs money to send his grandmother to Mecca and he’s doing this dangerous task for her. On the back of this, Julie comes up with an idea of gathering the gang and stealing instruments from her school for the performance.

At the police station, Elliot decides to lie to the police about Zivko, calling him an alcohol supplier and deciding against trusting the authorities. When he returns to Maja, Elliot updates her on what happened but unfortunately, his distracted mindset has neglected the band and the group falls apart. Balmont leaves, the album deal hangs in the balance and in the midst of this, Elliot receives a call from Julie’s school telling him she’s been expelled. When he arrives to pick her up, Julie talks to her Father and admits everything about Mecca and Sim.

Deciding to lay everything out on the line, Elliot gathers the entire band and tells them everything involving Katarina and Zivko. Without a drummer, he tells them they can play together and after that, he’s going to phone the police and get them involved. Whatever happens to the club he’ll do his best to support the band in the meantime. He patches things up with the different members and they all agree to help.

That evening, Elliot invites Sim and his grandmother to the club. While Sim and Julie perform a duet on stage, Elliot heads out the back and finds Zivko lying on the ground, his throat slit and a clear message to Elliot that this conflict is far from over.

With more of a focus on Sim and his grandmother, a lot of the episode settles in a methodically slow pace that explores more of his conflicted issues surrounding the morality of his choices. While this in itself is fine, the main conflict is pushed aside somewhat to let this grow. The one saving grace with this episode though comes from the conversation between Julie and Elliot at the school, which is both poignant and reflective of these two finally starting to see eye to eye after so much conflict over the episodes.

Given the climax we receive here though, Zivko’s death will almost certainly cause ripples now and quite what this means for Elliot and the club remains a mystery.


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