The Eddy – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Maja’s Choice

Episode 5 of The Eddy begins with Maja closing in on a tour with famous musician Daniel Perrin and contemplating her choices going forward. Back at the club, the police start installing cameras and as day turns to night, one of Zivko’s men arrives and starts working in the bar, planted to keep an eye on what’s happening. Thankfully Franck Levy happens to be there too and wants to sign the band. Only, given Maja’s earlier offer she remains conflicted over what to do.

Back home, Maja and Julie discuss Elliot and it ultimately leads the topic to fall on why Julie moved to Paris. She’s there for her Father of course, and she believes it’s in his best interest for her to be there.

In the morning, Zivko gives Elliot 3 days to come up with his money. It turns out Katarina was behind Zivko getting involved and given Elliot wasn’t there for Farid, he had no choice but to turn to her for help. Elliot immediately fires her and in her place, brings in a a new guy called Ted.

That evening, Daniel Perrin heads to the club and speaks to Elliot, admiring Maja’s vocals. After the performance, Daniel drops off flowers to her which she immediately ignores, despite Julie teasing him about it. Instead, she speaks to Julie about singing and Elliot’s talent. It turns out Elliot quit playing before he could teach her, and for that she actually resents him a little.

In the morning, Maja’s Mum arrives unannounced and Maja scrambles to tidy up her drugs and cigarettes lying around the flat. She immediately takes offence to her being there though and puts up her defenses, allowing her to stay for one night before forcing her out in the morning.

That evening, the band head back in to perform with Maja confronting Elliot about Katarina being fired. Instead, he deflects it and turns the topic on Julie, especially given he suspects she’s been staying at his apartment. The two come to blows and it leads to Maja making her mind up and deciding to leave the band and take the job with Daniel.

In the morning, Maja sneaks in and speaks to Julie in private about her Mother and dark past. She tells her about leaving Paris and because of that, it means she’ll need to leave and stay with Amira. While she packs her things up, Elliot receives a rude awakening when the boy he hired starts dumping petrol around his office, aware that there are cameras watching him around the club.

Deciding to try and stop Maja, Elliot races off to the airport to try and convince her to stay. He caves and admits the truth – ever since his son died he’s had trouble connecting and being intimate with her brings back painful memories. This is partly why he’s been so distant toward her and why their relationship is so sour. Realizing he can’t go on alone, he manages to convince her to stay by agreeing to let her be his partner at the club.

With a focus on Maja this time around, the good characterisation continues with a look at Maja’s inner conflict surrounding her job and family life. She certainly hasn’t had it easy and these intimate drops of history in the dialogue throughout the episode do a great job capturing a snapshot of these different characters and the hardships they’ve been through.

The jazz music continues to dominate this drama though and the hard cuts between Maja and Elliot’s fight and that of the various chaotic jazz solos perfectly complement one another and back up that feel of emotion and music being intertwined here. The ending certainly leaves things open though and it’ll be interesting to see if Elliot actually opens up now and tells Maja the truth about what’s been going on.

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