The Eddy – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Ghosts From The Past

Episode 4 of The Eddy sees us follow Jude, the bass player in the band as he busks on the street before following a woman inside a corner shop. This woman happens to be his ex and as they talk, Jude admits that he used to be a junkie. Given she’s getting married and isn’t part of his life anymore, Jude arrives at the wedding with his bass to pay his respects.

After speaking to his ex afterward, he invites her and husband Omar to the outdoor event he’s playing at. Desperate to impress them, he improvises with a number not on the set list but the bride of the event is none too happy, telling them to stick to the songs chosen. Begrudgingly, he plays along to alternate numbers. After playing, he heads to the local bar with Omar and his ex for one final performance before slipping away.

Elliot awakens in the morning in the arms of Maja but can’t remember how he got there. He wakes Julie up who realizes Maja has stayed over. “I’m really disappointed in you,” Julie tells Maja as she storms off and slams the door in Elliot’s face.

Eventually Julie comes round and despite Zivko waiting outside the school gates, Elliot remains poker-faced and has an interview with the school board who agree to let her continue on. With one problem dealt with, Elliot faces a new one as Zivko tells him Farid was keeping counterfeit money for him and now he wants that back or there will be trouble. Because Elliot gave his picture to the police, it means he’s essentially an accomplice now and forced to work with him.

Elliot visits Amira and starts searching through her house for the money Farid was keeping. After a fruitless search he heads back to the school to pick up Julie. Only, she realizes that he paid to keep her in school but struggles to keep a straight face as he realizes how much trouble he’s in. Even worse, he ignores her completely until she bangs on the piano – a subtle hint that he cares more about music than her. This also ties into the “loved” rather than “love” comment he made in the previous episode.

Ironically, Elliot tells Julie she only cares about herself and after a big argument with her, Julie runs off. When Elliot bursts out the back door to find her, he’s cornered by the police Captain who takes him down the station. Unfortunately the picture he gave doesn’t match the police forensics nor was the suspect even in the country. Thankfully, Elliot’s DNA wasn’t on him either and the Captain suspects it was a gang hit.

In order to catch the men responsible, the captain agrees to reopen his club on the condition of installing cameras inside and telling them everything he knows. After giving it some thought, he agrees to do this later on in the day after helping Jude, who finds himself in a bad way and slumped over in a public bathroom with drugs he scored earlier in the episode. As the drama closes out, Jude and Elliot jam together in the shadowy club.

With more background surrounding Jude and a deeper plot-focused episode, The Eddy crosses the midway point of the show with a clearer vision of what the second half of this series is likely to entail. With Zivko clearly out for revenge and the police closing in on the men responsible for Farid’s death, all eyes now turn to the final 4 episodes as we’re left to wonder exact what will happen next.

While the episode does focus on Jude and his struggles with moving on and his past – his large bass acting as a symbolic weight on his shoulders – the real winner here though comes from the music itself. This is really the big highlight of the show and the way music ties into key moments in our life and reflects our own emotional state is really the big stand-out moment of the series so far.


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