The Eddy – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Final Number

True to the episode titles, episode 3 of The Eddy switches things up as we see things from Amira’s perspective. The episode opens with her looking at old footage of her birthday celebrations with Farid.

Elliot spends the night in jail and in the morning, the Captain tells him she believes he was the one who killed Farid but without any evidence to go on, she lets him go for now. Unfortunately the Cabaret Unit are shutting the club down thanks to a noise complaint so Elliot isn’t quite out of the woods just yet.

Amira phones Elliot and tells him today is the day they’re burying Farid before he heads home and speaks to Julie about the funeral. Things are clearly strained between the two but he invites her along nonetheless. As they walk along the harbour together, a mysterious man appears to be following them and taking pictures.

At the funeral things get awkward when Amira’s brother shows up to pay his respects. Amira curses him as they walk with the coffin, telling him to go home. He lingers though, remaining further back in the procession while at the wake, Amira speaks to her Mother who tries to convince her to hand the kids over. Amira is having none of it though and walks away.

Julie speaks to Sim and apologises for messing up, while inside Elliot breaks the bad news to the band that the club has been shut down for now. Instead, Maja organizes for Amira and the kids to head home where they grace her with a surprise performance. It’s a raucous, chaotic couple of numbers, ones that Julie revels in and lets herself be lost to, dancing flamboyantly in the circle. It’s a pretty significant moment too and this symbiotic relationship between emotion and music is partly the reason this show works as well as it does.

As the music slows to a more melancholy tune, Amira convinces Elliot to speak up and say a few words. Outside, Elliot composes himself and starts to come up with the right words but when the man from earlier drops a picture of Julie at his feet and races off, Elliot follows in hot pursuit. A car suddenly bursts on the scene with a shadowy man inside named Zivko , a counterfeiter who’s none too happy that Elliot showed his picture to police and offers a way out of this whole mess.

Elliot heads back inside and speaks to the group about Farid and the way he always made things better. It’s here Elliot admits that he lost his son in the past, which is partly the reason he’s so damaged. In the aftermath of this, Elliot decides to head back to the police station and tells the Captain what happened. Only, she feels like it’s a little suspect given what’s transpired previously, which is where the episode ends.

Despite some of the overlong scenes toward the beginning of the episode, the jazz music and the way it ties into the various relationships and emotions our characters face is easily the highlight of the entire series. There’s some good characterisation for Amira this time around too and we’re finally starting to see the pieces come together as Zivko appears to be the big antagonist of the series.

With the police still suspicious of Elliot and plenty of unanswered questions hanging over this one, who knows what twists and turns The Eddy has in store for us going forward.

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