The Eddy – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Not My Tempo

Episode 2 of The Eddy begins with Julie starting school but as the new kid, she struggles to fit in. Instead she retreats from everyone else and heads to the toilets, phoning her Mum and talking about Elliot surrounding “what happened in New York”. She immediately takes offence and berates her Mother, hanging up and getting through the rest of the school day.

Back at the club, Julie watches uncomfortably as Elliot tries to coach Maja and the band to push their tempo. As the band leader, he tells them they’re not great and it prompts Maja and the others to walk out on him.

Tensions are clearly high in the wake of Farid’s death and given he was the one who dealt with the business side of the club, Elliot’s left with the pieces and trying to make sense of the books.

Julie and Elliot head to Farid’s house and try to figure out what Farid was involved with. Elliot questions Amira but she remains stoic in the face of the accusation. Believing he’s being followed and Amira’s not being wholly truthful with him, Elliot continues to press for answers.

Meanwhile, Julie meets Sim outside school and together they deliver sandwiches until she opens up and admits what happened back home, which is a pretty harrowing and painful ordeal to say the least. She follows him throughout his day and heads off to band rehearsal, listening to him play.

Back home, Julie and Elliot come to blows. “I loved you” Elliot says significantly and this past tense is certainly a reflection on their strained relationship right now. Deciding she’s not going to go to school anymore, she slams the door on him. That evening, the band reconvene and start playing at the club while Julie flies off the handle, inviting Sim backstage and drinking alcohol stolen from the cellar. When he rejects her advances, she runs away without her phone.

Elliot meanwhile rushes around the building panicking and trying to find Julie. Outside, Maja and the band greet him and they agree to help with the search. As it turns out, Julie has rushed out to try and buy some coke. Only, she unfortunately finds herself caught in a difficult position with a group of boys selling weed, who trap her inside a room.

With nowhere else to turn, Elliot heads to the police station and hands over his financial reports that seem to confirm that shadowy men are after him. Only, Captain Keiter isn’t so sure and believes Elliot is the one behind Farid’s death.

Sim finds Julie and saves her from her fate. As she heads home, she realizes Elliot isn’t there and leaves a voicemail for him. As she starts sobbing, realizing what she’s got herself mixed up in, she grabs her clarinet and starts playing.

With plenty of emotional drama throughout, The Eddy mixes things up with its changed perspective but does so with a really poignant and naturally delivered story that drip-feeds exposition. Learning about Julie’s strained past and some of the issues she’s facing in her life are nicely explored and it helps to add some depth to this young girl. 

Once again though the camera swings around wildly and the abundance of handheld camera movements and extreme close ups certainly won’t be for everyone but the storyline itself is intriguing enough to keep watching through this one.

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