The Drop (2023) Ending Explained – Does Lex get pregnant?

The Drop Plot Synopsis

Directed by Sarah Adina Smith, Hulu original The Drop centers on Lex (Anna Konkle) and Mani (Jermaine Fowler), a married couple hoping to start their own family. Their hopes and expectations are turned upside down, however, at a tropical island college reunion/destination wedding. When Lex drops the baby of the brides-to-be, chaos ensues. Lex and Mani then have to wonder, are they truly ready for parenthood?

What happens after Lex drops the baby?

Everyone gathers in the hospital after the drop. Although the baby ends up okay, albeit required to wear a protective helmet for a few months, Lex is wracked with guilt. She tries to explain away her slip-up with a story of a bee sting (a lie, but the others pretend to believe it). The reunion moves on, but the previously good vibes among the friends are inexorably altered.

Do Mani and Lex break up?

Mani, at first, only wants to comfort Lex in her distress. But doubt in his wife soon begins to set in. It’s clear he doubts her story about the bee when she refuses to show him where she was stung. Over the course of the trip, he becomes more fed up with their friends (he jumps off a boat to get away from them) and with Lexi, too.

His frustrations culminate in a performance he and Lex are giving for the engaged couple, and he walks out in the middle of their song. When Lex follows, he asks her if she dropped his dream of starting a family on purpose. She tells him that when she went to swat the bee away, she forgot she was holding the baby. It didn’t even sting her. But she dropped her to protect herself. Because of that, she doesn’t think she’s prepared to have a baby right now–or perhaps ever.

This tears up Mani, who is very distraught throughout Mia and Peggy’s wedding. He wanders off alone, and a family from the island takes him in and hears his sad story (although they misunderstand, believing his wife to have been killed by a shark). On his way back, he listens to a voicemail from his mom. Though she had denied it before, it turns out that she dropped Mani when he was a baby. “Is this why you moved so far away from family?” she asks him.

Finally, right before everyone departs the island, Mani returns with a fresh perspective.

How does “The Drop” end?

Mani returns to the group and pulls Lexi aside to talk to her and tell her he loves her–but that she’s not enough. He hates LA, and he wants to move back to Brooklyn to be with his family. He doesn’t want to be without her, but at the same time, they can’t be everything to each other. “However,” he says. “We can be the most important thing.”

Lex is happy to do that, but she can’t guarantee him a baby. That’s fine by Mani. “A baby isn’t the only way to have a family.” Cue Lex throwing up on his feet. It turns out that she’s already pregnant.

The Drop ends with Lex and Mani in Brooklyn, welcoming their child into their already expansive family.


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