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Out of all the animated shows released last year, none quite matched the charm and delight of The Dragon Prince. Combining a slick aesthetic with a lore rich in history and fantastical wonder, this animated series was a real surprise hit, leaving the door wide open for an inevitable second season following a cliffhanger ending. While the 9 episodes depicted in this follow-up don’t quite match the excellence of the first season, there’s enough character development and action to make for an enthralling watch nonetheless as the journey to Xadia draws to a close.

We return to the Kingdom with our dysfunctional group stopping for rest on their long path toward Xadia. War looms on the horizon and as Viren begins to be seduced by the powers of the dark arts courtesy of a mysterious mirror, the group work to bring the baby dragon Zym back where he belongs to stop the war. While the elves and humans continue to bicker and wager hostilities toward one another, Claudia and Soren catch up with the group and deliberate on the right course of action to bring them back to the palace.

From here the story branches into three distinct storylines. While most of the focus remains on Callum and Prince Ezran, the focus also splits between Claudia and Soren as well as Viren back at the castle. This triad of different plotlines work well to show different parts of the ongoing conflict with the second half of the season adding some flashbacks to help give some vital history around what’s transpired before the dragon egg conflict.

The Dragon Prince did well last time out to blend a wondrous visual design with exciting action but this time around the frame-rate and animation is vastly improved. This is particularly noticeable during some of the fight scenes too and there’s some really exciting set pieces nestled within the 9 episodes. Whether it be Soren picking a fight with a dragon or Rayla’s dizzying array of dual-sword skills, these are made so much more dramatic thanks to the slick animation.

While there isn’t all that much plot development this time around, it’s really the characters that make this season as exciting as it becomes. It doesn’t quite match the excellence of the first season but the various main characters all have their own unique fleshed out arcs and seeing these written as well as they are here makes the journey well worth taking.

I’ve been a big fan of The Dragon Prince since it came on air last year and have been patiently waiting for the second season to drop this week. I’m a real sucker for anything fantasy related and the rich historical lore combined with empathetic, deep characters make this a really compelling series to dive into. Despite another cliffhanger ending, The Dragon Prince is worth its weight in gold and this season sees much deeper characterisation than before. Boasting improved animation and some breathtaking fight sequences, the second season does a good job keeping the momentum going in one of Netflix’s most promising animated offerings.


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  • Verdict - 8/10

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