The Dragon Prince Season 2 Finale Review



One Door Closes, Another Opens

After 8 episodes of Dragon Prince action, the finale kicks into gear following a brief recap of events leading up to this moment. Ezran learnt the hard way about his Father’s death courtesy of Corvus who catches up with the group and vows to bring Ezran back to his rightful place as King to the throne. Soren lies in hospital badly wounded while Claudia grapples with her own guilt and confliction on the matter. Callum remains caught in a deep, dark-arts-induced sleep while Viren continues to fight the seduction presented to him by the mirror.

We begin this final episode with Ezran riding on the back of a Banther and┬áconfronting Claudia. After pleading with him and apologising for the events leading up this moment, Ezran agrees to hear her out. The two share a tender moment together as they discuss the King’s death and what this means for the Kingdom. As Claudia reveals the extent of Soren’s injuries, the two agree to team up in search of a fruit that will help Soren get better. In order to do so, Claudia needs to call forth the animal-talking abilities the young King possesses and so they set off together into the woods.

Callum continues to experience hallucinations and after fighting off a vivid dream around a key and the Sky Arcanium, is approached by someone in his past. It’s at this moment where he awakens and finally understands what he must do. Just in time too as Ezran returns from his meet-up with Claudia to reveal he now knows what his destiny is. As the group prepare for their final stretch of journey toward Xadia, Ezran agrees to return to the palace with Corvus and take his place as ruler.

While this is going on, Viren edges ever closer to the dark side as the man in the mirror continues to seduce him via whispers and false promises. This comes to a head late on when Viren unleashes a flurry of dark magic in the form of shadowy monstrosities to help him in the coming war. As he returns to the palace quarters, guards surround him and the extent of his betrayal is revealed. With the promise of never leaving his side, Viren is escorted out the room while the presence continues to bear influences over his actions.

All of this transpires in a climactic finale that sees Zym helping the group navigate a lava trail, illuminated by a moonstone path. As the sun rises, the group cross the path and avoid disaster as they finally reach Xadia… and come face to face with the monstrous Sol Regem.

This final scene (shown above) poses a particularly interesting conundrum going forward with many of the plot lines here left unresolved. Given how the red dragon reacted to Zym and flew away, it’ll be intriguing to see whether this dragon reacts in the same way. My guess is that it won’t and likely there’ll be a pretty big focus on the dragons and their past next time around.

Viren appears like he may well be a crucial piece of the puzzle going forward too while Claudia almost falling into the black abyss of dark magic poses a really intriguing notion going forward. Given that she’s heading back to the palace as well, could Viren influence her into teaming up together? It seems likely that war will inevitably take hold of the nation too but if Ezran can claim the throne back perhaps this could be stopped. At least for the time being.

There’s a lot riding on this third season and hopefully it will give us some idea over how this conflict will play out. What did you think of the finale? Do you have any predictions for how this one will play out? Let us know in the comments!


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