The Doomsday Cult of Antares De La Luz (2024) Review – A manic tale of a man who ruined lives due to his insane beliefs

A manic tale of a man who ruined lives due to his insane beliefs

The world of cults and religious groups is being exposed by Netflix month after month, as the streaming platform releases new true crime documentaries around cult leaders and the satanic practices that went on in cults around the world.

From South Korea’s ‘In The Name of the Father’ to America’s ‘The Program: Cons, Cults, and Kidnapping’ as well as ‘Raël – The Alien Prophet’ from France, the network has been exposing the truth behind insane practices that have taken place in such cults.

The newest addition to the list is the Latin-American self-proclaimed prophet – Ramón Gustavo Castillo Gaete – who led a doomsday-oriented religious cult. Born in Chile, Ramón Gustavo Castillo claimed to be the second coming of Jesus and was known as “Antares de la Luz” (translated as Antares of the Light).

The documentary film on Netflix exposes the truth behind the cult that performed insane rituals and practices all in the name of stopping the worldwide doomsday phenomenon of 2012.

The doc focuses on testimonies from victims of the cult as they narrate the harrowing details of Ramón Gustavo Castillo’s crimes. Being a musician by profession, Castillo moved to China in 2006 and eventually founded a religious cult which was initially called ‘Calypso’.

We also see testimonies from detectives on the case as well as one of the former cult members, Natalia Guerra talk about how Castillo carried out the murder of his new-born infant. After falling pregnant with Castillo’s son in 2012, Castillo planned and carried out the immolation of his baby.

The documentary narrates how Castillo claimed that the baby was the Antichrist. Believing himself to be the second coming of Jesus, he was certain that the baby would lead to the end of the world – the supposed doomsday that was going to end the world on 21st December 2012. The film highlights how Castillo planned the sacrifice of the infant by confining the baby and burning him alive in a bonfire on 23rd November 2012.

The film is infuriating to watch as we see clips from the actual legal proceedings after Castillo’s arrest. We see the lawyers arguing that the members of the cult that took part in the sacrifice were all under the effect of mind control, totally side-lining the fact that an innocent child has been immolated. 

The film is an informative but enraging watch as the detectives try to talk in circles about what could have happened if the members of the cult hadn’t walked free. The documentary focuses on how Castillo manipulated his followers and how he led them to believe that he indeed was the second coming of God and he was supposed to be worshipped.

The Doomsday Cult of Antares De La Luz is an interesting one-time watch that leaves you with questions about the power of psychosis and mind control. The sentences given to the cult members for their involvement in the immolation of the child are audacious which makes your blood boil. With Castillo dying by suicide before he was captured, the documentary ends with the viewer wondering if justice was even served.

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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