The Diplomat (Netflix) – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The James Bond Clause

Episode 8 of The Diplomat season 1 opens with a conversation between Austin and Kate. Austin informs Kate that Trowbridge has surprisingly approved arresting Lenkov in the morning while he was unhappy about it, earlier. Both Kate and Austin find it strange that Trowbridge is happy with arresting one man instead of killing “a bunch of Russians.”

Austin also tells Kate that he and Ganon are travelling to Paris, to speak to the French authorities and Trowbridge wants British Special Forces involved, just for the photo-op. At the embassy, Stuart informs Kate that Ganon doesn’t think that he and Austin should do the job and Kate should go instead with Anu Kapoor from the foreign office.

Eidra is on a call with Billie who informs her that the CIA cannot use Hal for any of their operations as her wife, Kate is on a shortlist for VPship. Stuart apprises Kate that she is travelling with Austin to Paris and takes a pause as he expects some response from Kate but she plainly says okay. 

Why does Eidra break up with Stuart?

In another scene, Stuart enters Eidra’s cabin where she tells him that Billie wants Stuart to brief her about Kate and the high-profile post. Stuart informs her that Kate is going to be the next VP of the US. Also, he tells her that the US authorities think Kate is still not VP-material and they would want Stuart to prep her for the role. This would mean that Stuart will have to go to D.C. in around four months. This enrages Eidra and she breaks up with him, reminding the guy that in the past Stuart asked her not to go to Cairo. 

Why does Hal not join Kate for the Paris trip?

Meanwhile, Kate and Hal are discussing their relationship and the Paris trip. Hal seems jealous when they talk about Kate going to Paris with Austin. Kate senses his jealousy and asks Hal if he wants to join her. He plainly declines the invitation, and Kate then asks Hal to do a speech at Chatham House that she was scheduled to address.

Ronnie and Stuart are discussing the speech when Stuart is taken aback by something Ronnie tells him – Hal is going to deliver the speech instead of Kate. Hal has also asked for a waiver for the Chatham House rules; anything you say there can be cited but not attributed. He also wants a copy of the speech to be sent to Billie. 

Next, at Chatham House, Hal delivers a fiery speech about communication and how an important part of a nation’s foreign policy is to talk to everybody including the enemies, dictators and war criminals. After the speech, he is approached by a Tory MP, Merritt Grove, to discuss some urgent matter with him. Kate and Austin enter the Ministry where they meet Fournier, the Minister of Interior. She disapproves of the Lenkov arrest plan and says that it would further strain their relations with Russia. Kate and Austin plan to ask her again in the evening party and go for lunch. During that time, receives a call from Hal. 

Who is behind the explosion of the HMS Courageous? 

They discuss their day and then Hal informs her of his speech and how a Tory MP wanted to speak to him. He told her that he had agreed to meet him which offends Kate and she lambasts him over the phone. She brings up Hal’s ambition for the Secretary of State post and they have an argument. She tells him that she will call her office right away and get the meeting cancelled. 

After the call, Kate hurriedly calls Margaret Roylin about the Tory MP. She tells him that he is just old and always seems in a hurry. Later, Kate goes on a walk to calm herself down. Austin joins her, and she tells him that her marriage is going to end, again. Stuart and Ronnie meet Hal as Stuart informs him that they will meet the Tory MP and take notes. Hal requests Stuart to meet the MP for five minutes, which Stuart approves. 

During the evening party in France, Kate wears the red gown that she didn’t intend to wear earlier. Austin receives her at the party and then she meets Fournier. She asks her for a chat and then again requests her approval for the Lenkov arrest. A turn of events happens as Kate is told that the British Special Forces do not want to arrest Roman Lenkov, they want to assassinate him. Kate leaves the party with Austin following her. 

Kate is disappointed that Austin played her and hid the truth from her. She expresses her disbelief with Austin who himself is shocked listening to the assassination plan. He said that he was not aware and Trowbridge wouldn’t commit such a blunder.

Also, he tells Kate that this kind of action requires special authorization from him and he takes out his office phone to check for any meeting appointments. Kate realizes something. She grabs Austin’s phone and along with her own playing loud music, throws it towards the security. 

Who hired Roman Lenkov?

Kate explains to Austin that “a dead Lenkov is only good for the people who hired him.” Together, they conclude that Prime Minister Trowbridge hired Lenkov. Meanwhile, the Tory MP who was scheduled to meet Stuart and Ronnie refuses to meet them because he wants to meet only Hal, and moves towards his car. As soon as he opens the car door, an explosion takes place and the MP is killed. 

Who kills MP Grove and why?

It was Kate who had called up Margaret immediately after talking to Hal. She informed her that Grove wanted to get in touch with the US authorities. Thus, Margaret knew that MP Grove knew something that he wanted to put out directly to the State and not the Brits. In all probability, Margaret is behind the blast that killed MP Merritt Grove.

The Episode Review

The season truly ends in James Bond etiquette with the rush followed in the last minutes. The episode puts out how cleverly the PM had planned to assassinate Lenkov instead of arresting him and nobody knew.

The plot in this episode executes what was being built in the last 2-3 episodes, albeit not in the way viewers must have thought it would. The relationship of Kate with Hal and Stuart, the Vice Presidency, the fate of the Lenkov group and the British PM. The fate for a lot of things remains unclear. And with that dramatic ending, surely season 2 is definitely on the cards!

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7 thoughts on “The Diplomat (Netflix) – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained”

  1. Sadly, I didn’t like this show. I don’t think that I will be around for season 2. Kate attitude is just a bit too much. She tries too hard to be taken seriously, to prove that she belongs in the world dominated by men. She is rude, dismissive and arrogant. In a world where everything is about building and maintaining relationships, she has zero relationship building and maintaining skills. All she know is that she has to lead, to be the one doing all the talking. It annoying.

  2. After the song ends in the credits, there is more… dolphin 3-6 on a radio… nobody is talking about it.

  3. An amazing conclusion to an amazing series. Unexpected, intelligent and engaging look at diplomacy that most programs treat as secondary or tertiary plots. The Diplomat fills the void left by the West Wing, smart, committed and ethical people trying to the right thing sometimes despite their own faults and misgivings.

  4. Keri Russell is wonderful-this is a great character, refreshingly different from the same old, same old.
    There’s great chemistry & banter with both Rufus Sewell (who plays her husband) & David Gyasi (who plays her colleague & romantic interest)
    The supporting cast is fantastic. The plot is interesting, suspenseful & witty.
    this show is a winner–can’t wait for Season 2…predicting Keri’s going to be nominated again.

  5. I agree. Keri Russell is always frustrated, taking a walk near the end of each episode, and always arguing.

    I got tired of the constant marital bickering in the Americans. I doubt I will watch a season 2 unless there are more characters introduced who do more than support a unidimensional lead. Dolores said it best, too intense and exhaustingly repetitive. CGI for opening carrier blast is cartoonish. Perry Mason is the better series without Ms. Russell.

  6. Two people always having a separate meeting, and two people always talking over dinner, or some food, and car is black cars driving up and every single time it’s for Kate to exit and go somewhere.

    She is way too intense and the program was exhaustingly repetitive.

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