The Diplomat – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Episode 6

Episode 6 of The Diplomat begins with a look at Jenna, who is a social media influencer and runs the account under the brand Cherish the Victories. Stuart Baron is a stalker who is adamant she stole his idea and IP.

Castells tells Laura about how Amy was released into Sam’s care and he never got the chance to interrogate her. He also clears up the charges Fabian put on him to Laura. They both think Mariona was involved in Jay’s murder cover-up and Fabian is directly involved. Sam meets his instructor, Paula, in Madrid. Sam has placed Amy in a safe house to prevent Fabian from getting cold feet.

Alba gets familiar with Jenna’s stalking through Carl. Colin accuses Laura of working with Fabian as he saw them together. He wants to talk to Fabian directly but Laura tries to remind him that he still has a family to take care of. Laura and Alba meet Stuart but instead of listening to them, he insults them and asks them to stay away.

They meet Jenna next who tells them all the terrifying things Stuart has been doing to her. She is doing a new launch of the festival the next day but is scared. As a result, Alba takes a personal interest in the case.

Sam meets Laura and the cats come out of the bag. He does not tell her about his mission and is frustrated by Laura’s persistence to never give up on anything. Her meddling is met with a threat by Sam. Laura intends to tell Tom about the affair and then tell Colin that Sam tried to block Jay’s investigation. He then calls Paula and says “they need her head on a plate.”

Jenna is once again threatened in public by Stuart and goes to the police. Castells say they cannot do anything without something tangible except warn Stuart. Alba takes her away to the hotel. Laura decides to tell Colin the truth. When she goes back home, she finds Tom with his bags packed. He breaks up with her since she does not want to come to New York.  Laura does not tell Tom about the affair and the relationship ends.

Alba explains why she is so invested in the case. A girl chased her once with serious life threats over some story about a boy. Alba was constantly in fear of what might happen to her and understands Jenna’s suffering. Alba assures her she will stay close to her even as Stuart sits behind them.

Why is Sam Henderson in Barcelona?

Sam goes to Laura’s apartment and straightens things out. He tells the truth about why he is there. Barcelona has become a trading post of deals involving unsavory individuals. A broker brings the two criminal parties together, takes his cut, and then recycles the amount in various luxuries and bribes.

Sam is after a dissident Irish group that has hindered the peace process in the country. The organisation has killed countless PSNI members and some organized crime players who want revenge. Peter Van der Meers, who had the altercation with Jay and Amy, is the Dutch guy who will meet Owen from this Irish dissident group. Sam also clarifies he did not have Mariona killed. He even tried to warn her. Fabian got Mariona killed.

Right now, Sam can only give up Amy to Castells but not Fabian. He is the broker and Sam needs him for the deal. Sam wants Laura to be a honey trap for Fabian so that he doesn’t suspect anything.

What actually happened to Jay Sutherland?

Laura takes Colin to Amy to tell him the truth about Jay. Amy tells them about Peter, whom she doesn’t know, and his efforts to molest Amy in public. Jay stood up for her and Peter even threw a drink in his face. Jay told Amy to hide out in the cabin they used for personal reasons – like doing drugs or just chilling. Jay stood up for Amy knowing well that could be dangerous for him. She waited there and a bruised-up Jay came back in all panicky.

The Dutch prick sent his guys to Jay to kill him. Jay said Fabian set him up and Amy then tells Peter’s name to Castells. Jay gave his watch to Amy to give to Colin and asks her to tell the truth about what happened to him. Amy saw Fabian and Peter together in the hallway. Since Peter was worth more to Fabian than a regular employee, he protected him.

Colin breaks down when he gets Jay’s watch and Amy asks for forgiveness. Colin turns around and embraces her.

Jenna’s event goes smoothly. Stuart watches her from a distance and has a personal ruffle with Alba. Laura asks Alba to call her when she messages Alba. Laura is going out that night with Fabian and knows he is a dangerous man. Fabian once again brings up his innocence but Laura follows Sam’s plan to make Fabian feel safe.

He asks Laura to accompany him for a private swim in the ocean and that is when Laura texts Alba, but Alba is busy confronting Stuart. Alba starts recording Stuart in the middle of the street and accuses him of stalking Jenna.

Is Sam’s mission successful?

In his anger, he stabs Alba with a knife and she lies there bleeding out. He eventually calls Laura as she is about to get on the boat with Fabian and rushes to her assistance. Alba is seriously hurt and has to be revived with charges in the hospital. But as time passes, she is on the mend.

The meeting has been set at the place where Fabian took Laura for their first date. The police surround the area and Sam reaches the venue too. They have orders not to move until all three parties – Fabian, Owen, and Peter – are there.

Sam also says Owen’s identification is a scar on top of his right abdomen. The plan is successful and Owen is taken into custody. Castells comes in and arrests Peter, now having a credible witness against him. Sam invites Fabian to a “discreet place” to discuss collaborating on more arrests for keeping quiet on Mariona.

Laura finally bids adieu to Colin, who has closure on his son’s death. She also sees Sam going away with Fabian. Sam had promised Laura he would give up Fabian after the deal is over but he lied and broke his promise.

Castells, Carl, and Laura converge in Alba’s room. They have a light-hearted moment as an overdosed Alba speaks without any filter. Laura asks her to properly rest up and then come back to the office. She says she is not Alba’s best friend but her boss, giving a wry smile.

The Episode Review

The Diplomat closes with a half-satisfying finale. Given its appeal and style thus far, episode 6 does not stray away from the established formula. Fabian Hartmann was able to get away and that was the biggest disappointment. For all that he did, justice should have been done.

Sam’s character was redeemed somewhat by how determined his decision-making was. He proved himself a true patriot, even though we might not agree with his morality.

Colin went back home a relieved father and hopefully, that closure will enable him to be a family man again. Alba getting knifed was certainly a surprise but the fact she could not get with Castells remains a disappointment. All the story threads were closed off responsibly in The Diplomat’s finale, giving it just above-average marks.

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