The Diplomat – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Episode 3 of The Diplomat’s subplot revolves around two middle-aged females – Gillian and Sadie. They are successful, rich, and retired mothers, who are free from family encumbrances. They do not have a lot of time left in Barcelona and want to make the most of it.

Gill takes charge of Sadie’s phone and hooks her up with a young, attractive-looking man on a dating app, a guy called Matteo. The plan is successful as Sadie brings him back to her hotel room and they spend the night together. Laura is not concerned about her vetting review, which she knows is in retaliation to the events of the last episode, where she defied her superior, Sam, to do the right thing against Sir Gerald.

Mariona has bad news for Sam. Fabian is getting jumpy and is thinking of delaying “the wedding.” If that happens, Sam and his bosses will never get the opportunity to catch his Irish target. Laura’s continued interest in the Sutherland case has spooked Peter Van der Meer, the Dutch party involved in the wedding. Sam asks Mariona to do a better job.

Matteo had a great night and wants to come back, much to Sadie’s surprise. Gillian comes right after to her room when he leaves. But she cannot find Sadie’s purse. It turns out that Matteo has stolen it.

Laura is called to El Faro by Fabian. He has information about Jay’s case but doesn’t want to involve the police. Sadie and Gill go to the Consulate and Alba deals with them in Laura’s absence. Sadie is quite jumpy and does not want to give full details to Alba, which she finds strange. The ladies only tell her that Sadie lost her bag and she needs an emergency passport. Alba gets the name of the hotel and asks Carl to take help from his friend and get more details.

Fabian tells Laura that a girl knows something about Jay’s death but is scared. She won’t talk to the police. Her name is Lola Alvarez. Fabian takes Laura to Lola and expects her to make Lola comfortable and get the details. Alba learns the truth and encourages Sadie to go to the police, as he might be a serial offender. But she is reluctant and leaves. Laura has called Alba to meet Lola, she doesn’t speak Catalan. Lola is reluctant at first but then tells them that her boyfriend is a bouncer, who might have killed Jay.

Sadie is shocked to see that Matteo filmed their night and is now blackmailing for her money. Gill calls Alba to the hotel and she once again encourages Sadie to go to the police. Matteo is the one in the wrong here and is using shame to make Sadie think she is powerless. Things are a little tense between Laura and Tom when she says she cannot visit him. Sadie finally goes to the police and Inspector Garcia is handling it. She says the police cannot do much at this time but will keep them updated.

Alba is very disturbed by this incident and believes predators like these prey on women’s innate shame of being duped and taken advantage of. She is determined to pursue the case. Dante, the boyfriend, is arrested the next day. He confessed to accidentally killing Jay and the police also recover Jay’s watch from him.

Colin is not convinced but Castells says the police are closing the case. Sadie packs her bags and does not pick up Gillian’s calls. Laura is sent flowers by Fabian, who is serious about pursuing her. Alba makes a crucial breakthrough and confirms Garcia’s theory that Matteo is a serial offender.

The other victim has sent Matteo’s dating profile to Alba. Laura spots the name of Los Tres Delfines, a tourist experience company and confirms Matteo’s identity. Gillian is at the Consulate and tells them Sadie is gone. She uses the family tracker to track her location.

It turns out that Sadie is meeting Matteo to give him the money and get it over with. He arrives there but Sadie gets hold of his bike and the police arrive to arrest him. The video is taken down and the ladies rejoice.

Laura and Fabian have a date together. Mariona confirms to Sam that the wedding date has been set for the 18th May. Mariona says it was her idea to involve Lola. Laura invites herself up to Fabian’s apartment and they have sex. However, Laura doesn’t stay the night and goes back home, only to find Tom waiting for her.

The Episode Review

The makers have just spoilt Laura’s character completely. It was a suicidal decision to make her cheat on Tom, who seems like a good guy. The couple did not have any problems or tensions either and it just happened so randomly that it seems unrealistic and acrimonious. We definitely leave with a bitter taste and a diminished view of Laura in this episode.

Colin does not seem like the kind of guy who’d be content with something he knows is a lie. Jay’s case is not over for sure but the police will have to be convinced to get active again. This episode’s subplot had a nice, warm ending unlike the previous one. There is not much background about “the wedding” until now but it seems like a big event.

Hopefully, the upcoming episodes do a better job of elucidating the wedding and bringing us all the tasty details.

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