The Diplomat – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

A nanny cycles through the scenic seaside area of Maresme. She represents Petites Nanny Service and works for an affluent English couple, the Millers, at Villa Rose. She finds the place disheveled and the kids, Verbena and Wolf, are just wandering about. She places them in a safe spot and investigates the place. She follows the blood trail to the upstairs bedroom where Seth Miller lies unconscious with a heavy blow on his head.

Seth is in intensive care and his wife, Isabel “Izzy” Miller is missing. Her father, Sir Gerald Foster, ex-cabinet secretary and head of the civil service. He is a big personality and Sam asks Laura to actively focus on this case. She implies she’ll be working on Jay’s case as well but Sam instructs her like a true politically ambitious diplomat.

Seth is from South Africa and Carl is talking to his family. The results of the second autopsy are in. Colin looks like a mess and has trouble sleeping. Castells reports that there were confusions found on Jay’s body which were inconsistent with drowning, but it is explained by possibly bumping up against the buoy.

What is unexplained is the broken wrist. Injuries are consistent with someone stomping on them. Mariona informs Sam of Amy’s situation. He suspects Fabian but she clears him of blame. She asks him to control the consul, Laura, who is being too intrusive. Castells informs Laura that the incident at Villa Rose is not a robbery. No valuables are missing. Izzy is finally found in a church. Her condition indicates a dizzy mental state but is not explainable at sight.

Gerald arrives at the Consulate with Eddie, his assistant. Gerald calls the marriage cursed and Sam convinces him to hire Mariona for the case. Izzy explains the incidents of the night. She had dinner at El Faro with Seth but he didn’t touch his food the entire night. They fought that night after coming back – which wasn’t out of place in their toxic relationship – as Seth was flirting with the hostess all night. Izzy calls him controlling and obnoxiously promiscuous, even hitting on her friends in front of Izzy.

This time, she stood up for herself against Seth’s psychological abuse and left the house at midnight. He was fine when she left, but she’s distraught when Castells says she cannot see her children for the night. Eddie and Alba take a fancy to one another. Laura discusses the case with Tom via video call. He asks her to be careful with Gerald as he isn’t one to be taken for granted. Alba isn’t impressed with Eddie. She found him “boring in the bed.”

Laura sets up a meeting with Ana Maria, the nanny from Villa Rose. Ana confirms that the release is toxic and that Izzy was equally abusive toward Seth. They weren’t sober often and that made her job tricky. She calls the kids the real victims of this mess. Seth has regained consciousness but isn’t willing to cooperate. Laura has a hunch the Millers are known to Lambert or Wandsworth and asks Alba to check the social services website.

Castells shows Laura that a Brazilian pandeiro figurine is missing from Villa Rose. This may well be the murder weapon. Castells informs her that Gerald hired Mariona for the case, who has secured Izzy’s release and the release of the children. Her father, Joan, has been a familiar nemesis of Castells, costing him a few cases. Mariona teases Sam about Laura and feels only Seth can vitiate her case for now. Laura talks to Seth. She asks him to be honest about the night.

They talk about the relationship. Seth presents a different version than Izzy’s. Laura warns him that whatever he does, it should be in the best interests of the children. The figurine is found and Izzy’s prints are on it. Laura’s suspicions are confirmed by Alba, who says there is a history of neglect of the children by the Millers. At their meeting with Gerald and Izzy, Laura cannot help but express her concerns. She cites the social services report and says the couple needs professional help for their drug abuse habit.

Izzy gets bitter and threatens to destroy Laura if she reports the incidents to social services. Gerald backs her up. Sam intervenes and tries to calm down the situation. Gerald’s tone changes mid-conversation as he rightly acknowledges Izzy’s alcoholism.

Laura suggests this is the last chance for Izzy to make things right. She says the kids should go with Gerald back to Norfolk while Izzy seeks treatment in Barcelona. Laura gets loud and assertive with Izzy for putting her children’s lives in danger. Laura is prepared to file a report that doesn’t reflect too badly on Izzy. Gerald agrees with Laura’s plan but his daughter isn’t pleased.

Laura seems satisfied with not comprising her moral duty as a consul. Sam seems marginally impressed as well. But he is worried about Laura and promises to someone over the phone that he will keep her in check; first by talking harshly and then, by “swinging the big sticks,” if she doesn’t agree.

Seth invites Izzy for drinks but the yacht has arrived and Laura goes with Colin to inspect it. Fabian, Mariona, and Castells are there too. The detective takes the ski keys from the yacht to check if they fit the one in question.

Laura is befuddled with a notification that she is up for a vetting review. She also makes it clear to Sam indirectly that she will be showing the same honesty and determination in Jay’s case.

The Episode Review

Laura is proving to be a non-cliched strong female character driving this show. The Diplomat has thus far surprised us with its rare simplicity and professionalism. Even if that makes things a little slow-moving and less exciting, it adds seriousness that catches one’s attention.

There is still a lot more to unpack in the story. Most of the characters are quite straightforward, although a few like Fabian and Sam are more than what meets the eye. Props to Danny Sapani for doing a great job with Colin. He has been quite good in these two episodes, showing admirable restraint while playing the grieving father.

Although Castells is honest as is, Jay’s case is in safe hands considering Laura’s defiant attitude and inherent compassion. The subplot in episode 2 indicates we will be having such indulgences in each episode, while the main story develops in the background.

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