The Devil Judge – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Foundation Strikes Back

Episode 6 of The Devil Judge begins with Ga On at the mansion. Elijah wakes him in the morning, worried that Yo-Han isn’t there. It’s uncharacteristic for him, especially after her accident.

Meanwhile, Sun-A’s past is unveiled as it turns out she used to work as a maid at the mansion. During these flashbacks, Sun-A isn’t shy about her feelings and tells Yo-Han outright that she’s interested.

Yo-Han tells her to jump out the window to prove how much she likes him – and she does. However, there’s something she likes more than Yo-Han – and that’s money and fame. She clearly wants to live like Yo-Han does and will seemingly do anything to make that a reality.

Back in the present, Sun-A implores Yo-Han not to go after the foundation. After knocking him out with an injection, she calls on Jae-Hee (the woman from the motorcycle last episode) to drop him back off at the mansion.

Ga-on cooks some food for the mansion, which Yo-Han claims he can’t taste but it’s obvious that he and Elijah enjoy it. After, Ga-On takes Elijah out for a drink as friends. There, he introduces her to Soo-Hyun in order to help gain friends.

When she asks about the file on the computer though, Ga-On quizzes his friend over why she’s asking. Well, they don’t get far as Yo-Han suddenly storms in and grabs Elijah, taking her outside and forcing the girl back to the mansion.

Yo-Han has certainly done his homework. He knows all about Soo-Hyun’s history and calls Ga-On out for it. He’s livid that he’d bring Elijah to a policewoman and questions just what his motive actually is.

As Ga-On leave, he runs into Jae-Hee again and this time ends up chasing her. It’s a close run thing, and it takes Sun-A jumping in and scooping her up in the car (hiding herself from view of course) to prevent Ga-On unveiling the truth.

Soo-Hyun continues to investigate as well. Specifically, she keeps a close eye on Dr. Safety. This is Ki-Young, the witness from the Il-Do case. Soo-Hyun deduces that he’s being paid by someone, given the receipts from cash points. This almost certainly hints at Yo-Han.

Unbeknownst to her though, Jae-Hee happens to be snapping photos from afar. In fact, while ringing Ga-On she’s knocked out by an unknown assailant from behind.

With all this money floating around, Kyung-Hee jumps on this and holds a press conference. With Il-Do gone and the money allegedly traced back to Yo-Han, she remains determined to get to the bottom off this.

Ga-On sees the news report and immediately confronts Yo-Han back home. He believes she’s responsible for going after Soo-Hyun but that’s apparently not the case. Either way, Yo-Han comes under fire for this and he’s forced into resigning.

Heading on-air, Il-Do confirms that the money was only wired to him after the case which paints him in a more compassionate light. In order to settle this, Yo-Han asks the people to choose whether to condemn him or keep him on as a judge.

With 4.2 million participants, the result is overwhelmingly in favour of innocence (92.6% in total.) With this settled, Yo-Han immediately brings up the Dream House project and shows every member who’s using money in crooked ways. With the five main members all up on the screen, the Foundation find themselves scrambling and unsure what to do.

The Episode Review

The Devil Judge returns for a slightly slower chapter this time around as the attention turns to Yo-Han and Ga-On’s past. Specifically, we look at what drives each of them as it soon becomes clear that they both have their own motives here.

Yo-Han is pretty protective of Elijah, unwilling to let her leave the mansion and experience life, keeping the girl protected after the fire. It’s suffocating to the point of obsession but in a roundabout way you can understand why, especially after the fire incident.

Likewise, Ga-On has a troubled past too but for now that remains hidden and we still haven’t seen all of this. If the preview for next week is anything to go by, we should start to get some answers soon.

The Devil Judge continues to deliver decent drama here though and there’s an air of SBS’ Taxi Driver too, given the way this series is tackling revenge. I’m sure we’ll see more of the Foundation getting their comeuppance over the weeks!

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