The Devil Judge – K-Drama Episode 15 Recap & Review

Judgment Day

Episode 15 of The Devil Judge begins with Ga-On holding his press conference. Min Jung-Ho interjects though, going on to reveal Yo-Han collected evidence to back up his own biases. As the camera flits back to the main auditorium, Yo-Han addresses the people and confirms that he’ll be releasing a separate statement regarding the matter at a later date.

The Foundation revel in their own despicableness, with President Heo mentioning nonchalantly how he intended to turn up the voltage so Juk-Chang wouldn’t be tempted to talk. Ironically, part of these secrets include knocking out Jung-Ho in the street. Although the Chief Justice was convinced this was Yo-Han’s doing, it was actually orchestrated by President Heo who manipulated him

Ga-On sets out to write his statement but reflects on when he first met Yo-Han and their moments together. He eventually heads off to see Yo-Han, saying goodbye and battling it out verbally. After all, it’s human nature to hesitate. For Ga-On, he refers to Yo-Han as a devil and monster for not having this characteristic. Things don’t end well and eventually the pair go their separate ways.

That evening, Jung-Ho calls Ga-On with grave news. He believes that Yo-Han is involved in Soo-Hyun’s death. This only fuels more desire in Ga-On to try and uncover the truth, as this situation is left precariously on a knife edge.

Meanwhile, the Foundation gather and discuss their next steps. While Sun-A thinks they should lift the restrictions since Yo-Han is no longer a threat, Heo is incentivized to continue his new vision of Korea and turn South Korea into a revolution. Sun-A has heard enough though and slaps him in the face.

Th charade is up and the Foundation flex their muscles, with Sun-A in the driving seat. It’s a coup, and Sun-A confirms what we’ve known for a while – Heo is just a puppet. Well, now Sun-A takes her place at the table, telling Heo that revolution won’t make them money.

Yo-Han eventually holds his press conference and reinforces what Ga-On revealed a day earlier. He confirms he crossed a line and apologizes dearly for what’s happened. Yo-Han is going to resign, calling himself a criminal, and leaving. Outside, in front of a number of different reporters, he says goodbye to Jin-joo and the others. Only, the people react positively to this and actually Yo-Han’s support increases across the nation. It’s clever, and something that even sees the people poll and decide Yo-Han would make a great President.

Meanwhile, Jung-Ho hands over Soo-Hyun’s notebook as he picks up where she left off. Anyway, Ga-On arrives before Jung Joseph but he’s worried and concerned that Yo-Han is going to hurt him.

It turns out Joseph was in charge of the CCTV footage after the church fire. Yo-Han struck a deal with him; in exchange for staying quiet for the rest of his life, Joseph handed over the footage. Only, it turns out he actually made a copy. Because of this, Judge Kang sent someone to torture him and take him out – allegedly. The most telling part of this whole ordeal comes from the car. Joseph remembers a car being parked up outside.

As Ga-On continues to investigate until he finds Soo-Hyun’s killer, lying facedown in a pool of his own blood. Checking his call history, Ga-On notices Yo-Han’s number, which is only confirmed when he rings. So was Yo-Han really responsible for this? Ga-On seems to think so and heads back to the mansion.

After holding a knife up to Yo-Han, he former Judge reinforces how easy it is to doctor evidence – given that’s what the whole show has been about in a way. Anyway, it’s too late. Jung-Ho and a number of other detectives show up and arrest him. Yo-Han is incredulous, unable to believe this.

Well, Sun-A soon shows up and comments how similar Ga-On looks to Kang Isaac. And now it’s revealed that Jung-Ho has been working with Sun-A and playing him all this time. After all, who else would have made him Chief Justice? Ga-On is completely shocked and even more so when Sun-A confirms she’s the one behind torturing Joseph for information.

Sun-A hands a phone over next and shows him a video of what he’s been hiding. That video? Well, it’s from the night of the fire. Elijah was the one who started the fire originally, having knocked over a candle on her way out one of the rooms. Yo-Han saved her but he’s kept this a secret to prevent Elijah from slipping into a depressive state of guilt.

As Yo-Han is dragged away by Sun-A and her goons, Ga-On is left to reflect on what’s happened.

The Episode Review

Poor Ga-On, he has ended up becoming the very thing he was fighting against. There’s a bitter sense of irony there as Ga-On is played completely and left a fool in the wake of doing what he thought was right. How he could have believed Yo-Han was the one responsible for Soo-Hyun’s death I’m not sure but then again, grief can do crazy things to you.

This pairing of Ga-On and Yo-Han has been pretty good over the weeks, although a part of me wishes they could have leaned into the rivalry a little more rather than this cat and mouse game with the Foundation.

The curtain has now been lifted though and with President Heo unveiled as a puppet, Sun-A starts too exact her will as the real president in charge of this charade. It seems like the final episode will have Yo-Han on trial for his actions but with only one chapter left, there’s lots of unknowns hanging over the story.

We’ll have to wait and see what tomorrow’s finale brings but it’s certainly shaping up to be one heck of a conclusion!

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