The Devil Judge – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap & Review

The Electric Chair

Episode 14 of The Devil Judge starts with Soo-Hyun’s funeral after the events at the end of the last episode. A long montage ensues, showing all the key moments in Ga-On and Soo-Hyun’s life, dissolving away to the graveyard where our lawyer makes his feelings felt.

Ga-On is desperate to find the gunman but Yo-Han and Elijah talk him out of it. At least for now. After all, the gunman was originally aiming for him but Soo-Hyun took the bullet. If he galivants off now then her death will be in vain.

With Juk Chang arrested, Ga-On puts on a brave face and decides to tackle things legally. Specifically the gang are going to go back to the live court system and take out the Foundation.

Heo decides to counter that (with the guidance of Sun-A of course) and shift the blame. He apologizes to the people, playing the crowd, while Yo-Han and Ga-On prepare their case. This involves meeting a doctor who confirms he’s confirmed nothing scientifically regarding the virus and its spread.

The deceased that allegedly fell to this virus were incredibly malnourished at the time and it seems like the Foundation are covering that up under the pretense of this virus.

When the court case goes ahead the following day, Dr Yoon doesn’t make it to trial. Apparently he “died of the virus” but it’s obvious he’s been killed.

Yo-Han is prepared for this though and instead turns the attention back to Juk Chang and the violence he wields. He extends this to incriminate Heo, given it’s his words that spurred Chang on. Well, those same words are used against him when the people vote in favour of the death penalty. Even worse, the more votes that this guy gets, the higher the voltage used to kill him.

On the back of this, Chief Justice Jung Ho steps down from his position. Ga-On heads up to see him though, where Jung-Ho admits Soo-Hyun was looking into the church fire and suspects foul play. That guy she met before she died, Jung Joseph, happens to be someone from that night and he was in charge of CCTV. Jung-Ho deduces that Soo-Hyun was killed because of what she found out.

The big day arrives and Juk Chang’s execution looks imminent. The votes start coming in while Chang is encouraged by Heo (courtesy of a meeting the previous day) to endure this and play Yo-Han at his own game.

Midway through being electrocuted though, Ga-On suddenly jumps in and holds a press conference with Jung-Ho just behind him, claiming the live show is a complete fraud.

The Episode Review

The Devil Judge returns for a slower chapter this time around, one that leans into the poignancy and despair that Ga-On is feeling to completely challenge the court system.

With Juk Chang facing electrocution and potential death, it takes Ga-On and Jung-Ho’s conference to stop this. The only trouble is, it plays directly into the Foundation’s hands, as it becomes apparent that this is precisely what they wanted to happen.

This is likely to cause shockwaves across the country as we’re left to wonder what’s going to happen after this. Could this be the final live court trial we’re witnessing? I’d imagine not but you never know with this one, especially the way it has been leaning into melodramatic beats as of late.

Either way, the ending hints that we’ve got lots more drama to come next week during the final two chapters.

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1 thought on “The Devil Judge – K-Drama Episode 14 Recap & Review”

  1. Just finished this terrific series and have been enjoying your reviews!

    This episode had the silliest moment in the series. The electric chair bit was simultaneously good acting, but also made me literally lol when it was supposed to be a serious scene. All those facial contortions were hilarious. But the silliest moment is that should this “electric” acting should have never happened. I incorrectly assumed the punishment would be enacted once a million votes were cast, not a progressive punishment continuously having the votes match the voltage. Pretty sure most people’s heart would have given out well before the million number was reached. The show treated it as “we can shock him at 999,999 volts (we’ll save volts vs watts for another time) for as long as we want and he won’t die, but 1 more vote and poof he’s dead. Just in time Ga-on!”

    Unless I’m missing something, that segment was belonged in a Troma film, and not in this otherwise very professionally made show.

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