The Deslondes – Ways & Means | Album Review

Track List

Good to Go
Five Year Plan
Way & Means
South Dakota Wild One
Consider Me
Howl at the Moon
Home Again
Wild Eden
Standing Still
Tomorrow Morning
Bound By Love
Sweet Release

Singing the blues and settling down in the dusk of summer, New Orleans band The Deslondes, embark on creating distinctive sounds when there’s a chance, and at every opportunity, they set out to wow this stricken world and the crowds who crave to be counted for and not forgotten.

Their sound merges together rock and roll and country, while sticking to a subtle tone, and this particular music may be easy on the ears, but there’s an undercurrent of melancholy, as the stories tell us that the band aren’t truly on top of their lives, but steadily cascading into the dirt.

Ways & Means is a collection of well-stirred songs, and they become natural embraces. The lyrics are predominantly story driven, which in truth is a revelation, and they boast the type of chronicles that delve deeply into day-to-day life and the struggles of modern America.

Hopes and dreams are being crushed by the way this colossal land is being run, and this album describes this in an honest way, a way where we can all understand. There isn’t any hyperbole here or pretension, only integrity and solidarity.

‘Good To Go’ begins the record with a blues twist. It’s a sing along, and the strums and acoustic tinge add stability and a great sound. The vocals aren’t deeply rooted, but they’re apparent enough to be heard. Lyrically, it’s a losing game.

‘Consider Me’ excels with the acoustic guitar on red alert, and the song is sadder than most. The rain pours and it’s cold, while the man plays out his dreams. ‘Standing Still’ is a country song, with an arresting backbeat, and the intelligent lyricism cuts through with a meaningful twist.

The Deslondes isn’t a band on the warpath, but through their words and music, they need to find a resting place and solace.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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