The Demon Prince of Momochi House – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Crimson Burns the Dark

The Demon Prince of Momochi House Episode 4 begins with Aoi and the others restoring the seal. Himari reaches home and sees the Ayakashi terrified by the thought of Kasha. The Ayakashi tells her about Ise and the strength of Shojo. Himari approaches Aoi to ask him about Ise. Ise boasts about his powers to incinerate anything.

Himari brings the huge circular marks to their notice, and they’re surprised to know about it. A huge Ayakashi comes out and tries to attack Himari. Aoi transforms into a Nue but gets trapped in ropes that drain his power. Yukari holds the beast back while Ise takes on his true form, trying to burn the ropes.

A flashback of Ise begins when he rescues a friendly Ayakashi from a dreadful scary one. Ise was cursed that if he ever unleashed his power in the human world, he would rot away. One day his friend requests him to take him to the human world, and they arrive at the Momochi house.

Exiting the house, they come face to face with an Ayakashi, and Ise unleashes his power to save his friend from the dangerous Ayakashi. This activates the curse, but his friend seeks help from Aoi, who makes Ise his Shikigami to prevent him from dying. His friend comes to meet him one last time before perishing.

Snapping back to the current time, Ise loses control of his power and is not able to stop until Nue’s power stops getting drained. Amidst this, Himari makes her way towards Nue with the help of Yukari’s shield. Reaching Nue, Yukari is able to shoot down the ropes, allowing Nue to get back to full potential. He gets Ise back in control, allowing him to incinerate the Ayakashi. Aoi walks up to Himari and kisses her at the end of The Demon Prince of Momochi House Episode 4.

The Episode Review

The Demon Prince of Momochi House Episode 4 features another trap set by Kasha and delves deeper into the relationship between Aoi and Ise. It takes us back to the very beginning and gives us a perspective on who Ise was before entering the Momochi house and how he met Aoi.

The episode also features a very sentimental and meaningful action sequence where the bond between Ise and Nue manifests. Himari, along with Yukari, are the catalysts that let them connect, giving them a significant level of importance and uniting them as a group.

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