The Demon Prince of Momochi House – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

A Fourth Friend

The Demon Prince of Momochi House Episode 3 begins with Himari getting ready to go to school on her first day. Upon entering the school, she meets the man she had encountered the previous day and realizes he will be her class teacher. After school, on the way back home, she is accompanied by four of her friends.

Upon arrival, she sits them down, and to her surprise, Aoi, Ise, and Yukari show up with tea and snacks for the kids. They disguise themselves as girls and claim to be Himari’s sisters. Aoi calls her out and tells her that one of her friends is a deceased soul disguised as a friend. They are unable to pinpoint who exactly it is and request her to be careful and use her “get out” command only if she is sure who it is.

Heading back in, Iizuka acts strange, but she reveals that she wants to pee. Himari takes her to the bathroom and waits for her outside. Suddenly, Himari hears a loud sound and finds Iizuka unconscious on the floor. She takes Iizuka to Yukari, and they lay her down in a bed to rest. Yukari tells her that Iizuka seems to have an absence of a soul, but she isn’t the deceased spirit.

Returning outside, the friends question Himari about Iizuka and insist on seeing her. As Himari takes them to the room, she has a small conversation with Torii. Just then, Himari senses a presence and stops. Catching up with the group, she calls out to Torri, but others question who she is talking to. Himari is shocked to know the others cannot see her and also realizes she doesn’t have a reflection in the mirror.

Aoi jumps out and tells Himari to use her order on Torii, but she uses it on the room instead, causing black smoke to flow out and revealing Kasha. Kasha unleashes an attack which is blocked by Aoi and then summons Torii, convincing her to transform into an Ayakashi.

Aoi prepares to obliterate the soul of Torri. However, Himari approaches Torri, makes her feel heard, and convinces her not to give in to Kasha’s offer. Kasha warns them about the future before vanishing. Just then, Himari’s friends begin to regain consciousness, causing Aoi and the others to flee at the end of The Demon Prince of Momochi House Episode 3.

The Episode Review

The Demon Prince of Momochi House Episode 3 presents an interesting situation where Himari brings home a group of friends, among whom one is a ghost. Himari has to find out who the ghost is and manages to figure it out when her friends question her about whom she is talking to. Unfortunately, the show doesn’t provide any evidence throughout the episode to support the fact that she is a ghost. All the dialogues seem to accommodate space for her perfectly.

The episode also attempts to lead us into believing that another friend of Himari is the ghost, but it doesn’t do a great job of explaining what happened to her when she fainted. Apart from that, the episode was successful in intriguing viewers with an interesting sequence of events and also introducing another important character to the anime.

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