The Darling Fire – Distortions | Album Review

Track Listing

Heart Will Stop
Clean Hands


Darkness at times overthrows the light, dreams begin to fester, and the world turns into a horrible place. The world, as we know it, is changing at a rapid pace and it’s not a glossy platform. Yes, it has many areas where it can shine, and there are moments of clarity to be found, but underneath it all misery connects the dots, and tragic events ensue.

Rock band The Darling Fire has created an album here which tries to peel a part of the overgrowth of pain, and they’re trying to seek hope when it seems to be too far gone.

The music is cathartic, but ever so engaging, and it throws up so many surprises. The band is technically gifted too, pushing the limits of their sound, and crossing the line between being good and brilliant. Distortions blazes a trail for the outfit, even though it’s an unconventional sound that they have designed.

Distortions commits to sadness and grief, but it does highlight beauty in flashes. It also breaks conventions, and it properly portrays a powerful story. There are 10 songs to consider, with noteworthy entry ‘Heart Will Stop’ playing loudly and connecting the puzzle musically. The fuzz and percussion are great carriers, and the lyrics convey broken love.

‘Amber’ creeps in, and it’s guitar driven, while being a masterclass in lyricism. All hope seems to be dashed, and the pain becomes debilitating.

‘Rituals’ carries a great riff, and that powerful story keeps evolving. And the chorus beats with intensity, pushing the limitations once more. That rush doesn’t halt, and the lyrics do not fall flat. ‘Samsara’ echoes, and provides a certain sound which grows, and the music advances into a poignant, mind-bending state.

Ultimately, The Darling Fire provides a sound which evolves in Distortions. The music has layers, which are unique too, making for a wholly enjoyable watch.

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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