The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Dual Glaive

Over the vast Crystal Desert, Episode 7 of Dark Crystal begins with Hup becoming air sick, forcing the crew to go the rest of the way by foot. As they stare up at the Circle Of The Suns, they question just how to get to the top. Unfortunately, a storm arrives, forcing Lore to take drastic measures, snatching up the Gelfling and heading to the top of the hill. Once they get there, they’re approached by a strange, crazed Skeksis, one that originally created Lore.

The Gelfling soon learn he’s not alone, as UrGoh, a Mystic, reveals himself to the group. As greetings are exchanged, this hilarious pair tell the Gelfling they have a surprise for them, before taking the jewel inside Lore. The surprise begins and UrGoh and the Skeksis begin weaving their tale with props, eventually ending on an important note about unity and singing.

Meanwhile The Ascendancy, a large cluster of Spitters, gather for The Emperor and he offers them a deal – bring the Gelfling to him and he’ll return the Caves Of Grot to them. They accept the offer and set to work in collecting the Gelfling. With his advisors questioning his actions, The Emperor shows the true extent of his plans, telling them he’s only giving the Spitters the caves back as he knows The Darkening is spreading.

The Hunter catches up with the clan soon after, demanding to know where Rian and the others are. After some intimidation they cave, revealing the location of The Circle of the Suns. High in the air, the Gelfling learn their true mission. The Dual Glaive wields the power of the Mystics and Skeksis, tying in with the familiar symbol, and all combine together to form the rest of the prophecy, which involves the spires of rebellion. As fire spreads, the puppet show draws to an end where the team learn that the Skeksis don’t have the Dual Glaive – it’s actually in the Caves Of Grot.

As our group prepare to enter the caves, Maudra Fara makes plans to storm the castle until Aughra appears and pleads with her to take heed and not jump into war so recklessly. Fara arrogantly ignores her request and continues, prompting our witch to walk away in disgust. Back at the top of the tower, The Hunter arrives and begins fighting the Gelfling, leading Archer to appear and begin striking the Skeksis. While he does succeed in injuring the creature, he snatches up Brea and hurries away as she pleads with them to find the blade.

Back at Stone-in-the-wall, Princess Tavra returns with the Skeksis, visibly possessed by tiny spitters called Threaders. They launch themselves at the Gelfling Army, attaching to each of the Gelfling who, now zombified, walk toward the Skeksis to their doom. With the village now succumb to Skeksis rule, a black cloud of despair hangs over Thra.

With the series closing in on its final act, Dark Crystal increases its urgency and pacing again with another exciting episode. More so than the others in this series, there’s a surprising amount of humour here too; just the right amount to diffuse some of the earlier tension but not too overpowering to prevent the drama being drowned out

As the Gelflings are given their missio,n and all roads lead to the Dual Glaive, Age Of Resistance looks set for a dramatic conclusion to come, as our heroes race for the one artifact that may just swing the tide of war in their favour.


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