The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

The Corruption Of The Crystal

The Order of Lesser Service begins in episode 3 of Dark Crystal, as Brea is marched through the forest where sees what she has to do. It’s here she meets Juni, and together they embrace the chaos of the podling village. While her sisters at the palace discuss their possible future, Brea decides to run away, only to come face to face with her sister Tavra, who catches up with her in the woods. She tells her about Mira’s murder and how she’s been tasked with finding Rian.

Deet dons her blindfold and heads deeper into the woods. It’s here that she comes across the Stonewood Clan and excitedly, she convinces Hup to join her. At the Stone-In-The-Wood, Deet receives a hostile reception from the Gelflings. With tensions clearly high between the clans, at the local tavern a fight breaks out as Hup leaps at the locals after they call Deet a dirty Grottan. As Hup is taken away by the guards and imprisoned, Deet is left with facing Maudra, the head of their clan.

Brea sneaks into the palace soon after and steals the bright jewel as requested, along with her journal for safe keeping. As she heads out, back at the castle Chamberlain and The Scientist forgive one another and proceed with their diabolical plans.

Rian arrives at the Stone-In-The-Wall and walks past Deet who’s refused entry to see Maudra. He purposefully explains his situation to Maudra, pleading with her to dreamfast in order to see the truth. Unfortunately, this happens to be a trap as his Father appears, convinced he’s ill thanks to Chamberlain’s lies. As guards surround him, Rian snatches one of their swords and plans his escape, freeing Hup in the process.

Meanwhile Aughra appears at the Castle of the Crystal and confronts the Skeksis. It’s here she sees the corruption firsthand, cursing the bird-like creatures for their treachery before they banish her from the castle. Before she leaves however, she catches a glimpse of the purple crystal and learns first-hand about The Darkening spreading across Thra. Thanks to a vision of herself from the past, she learns she needs to find the song in order to change the future.

After escaping from the palace, Rian comes across Deet in the woods and she helps him light a fire. As he mentions monsters, she has an idea and hurries off, determined to free Hup.

Meanwhile, Onica convinces an amnesia-stricken Cadera that she’s now the Elder and, having brought the jewel to her, Brea learns the truth about what it holds within. She sings life into the jewel and proceeds to ask her question. As she does, the shell breaks and with it, an illuminated moth flutters out and away. Flying after it, she arrives in the throne room where the moth turns to stone on the back of the chair, revealing a hidden passage leading under the throne. Taking a deep breath, she begins to descend down.

The latest episode of Dark Crystal does a great job progressing all three separate narratives. The teasing glimpses of the characters spilling into one another’s narratives is a nice touch, with more of the prophecy coming to light helping to guide the series toward its dramatic conclusion.

With an injection of humour and some real character oozing through the series, Age Of Resistance continues its great work with another very impressive episode.


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