The Dangers In My Heart – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review

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Episode 4 of The Dangers In My Heart Season 2 starts with several girls giving Yamada chocolate for Valentine’s Day. Then, Yamada stumbles upon Chihiro, and the two go for a walk to discuss this chocolate-giving instance. Meanwhile, Moeko places the chocolates the girls made for their male classmates on Kyotaro’s desk. 

She tells the boys to grab some and every boy except for Kyotaro does so. Moeko tells Kyotaro he can have the last chocolate but Kyotaro refuses. Yamada uses the opportunity to grab and eat the final chocolate. After, Adachi tells Kyotaro that there’s a heart-shaped nut in his chocolate, making Adachi wonder if it’s a sign. 

The two discuss the phenomenon briefly. Later, Yamada and Kyotaro visit the library to play a shogi-themed chocolate game. Kyotaro prevails over Yamada, so Yamada rewards him by giving him all the chocolate. Kyotaro returns to class and notices Adachi comparing his heart-nut chocolate to the other boy’s chocolates. 

Before Kyotaro heads home, Yamada pulls him aside. She tells him to stay quiet because she wants to observe Hara and Kanzaki’s secret meeting. Yamada tells Kyotaro she’s jealous and Kyotaro tells her she can’t have Kanzaki’s chocolate. She tells Kyotaro she feels this way for reasons not concerning chocolate. 

Kyotaro and Yamada walk home together. Kyotaro doesn’t understand why everyone’s concerned about exchanging gifts at school. Yamada asks Kyotaro to give her a lift. During this bike ride, they reflect on previous biking endeavors and discuss “change” and “happiness.” Simultaneously, Yamada asks Kyotaro to take her to the store so she can get more snacks.

Afterwards, Kyotaro and Yamada chat about Kyotaro’s words to Adachi about his heart-shaped nut chocolate. Yamada places her chocolate bun on Kyotaro’s face and says he can have it. Yamada notices chocolate got on Kyotaro’s face, so she wipes it off for him, leading the two to share an intimate moment. 

Yamada leaves. Kyotaro reflects on what happened between him and Yamada. This entices him to head into the store. Simultaneously, Yamada retrieves a chocolate cupcake from her bag, indicating to the audience that she wants to give it to Kyotaro. Before she heads back, Kyotaro arrives and hands Yamada a box of chocolates. 

He tells her he’s giving it to her because of certain remarks she shared at the episode’s start. Kyotaro leaves before Yamada can give him the chocolate cupcake. Kyotaro heads home and shames himself for giving Yamada “Melty Kiss” branded chocolate. He checks his phone and learns Yamada and Wantaro, her pet dog, are nearby. 

Kyotaro heads outside to greet them and the three go for a stroll. Yamada tries getting them both a drink from the machine via her gambling methods but fails. The two sit on a park bench and Yamada prattles on about Chihiro and life. Kyotaro feels Yamada’s acting weird today, and Yamada reassures him that she’s okay. 

Yamada asks Kyotaro if he received any chocolate today, and Kyotaro says he didn’t. He asks Yamada if she gave chocolate to anyone, and she says she didn’t give away any obligatory ones. Kyotaro reflects on the chocolates Yamada offered him earlier and touches upon the obligatory issue regarding Adachi’s heart-nut chocolate fiasco again. 

Yamada takes out the chocolate cupcake, splits it in half, and hands the other half to Kyotaro. Yamada tells Kyotaro that it’s okay for him to get the wrong idea concerning their earlier discussion. Yamada sheds tears so Kyotaro takes a bite of the cupcake and tells her it tastes great. The two hug it out for the night and Kyotaro returns home. 

He examines the cupcake’s frosting and notices it’s forming a heart. He ponders what this could mean concerning Yamada’s feelings. While tackling some school duties, Yamada waves at Kyotaro and he waves back. Adachi arrives at school irritated because he doesn’t know what to give the girls for White Day. His classmates tell him he has a month left, so he shouldn’t let it get to him. 

Kyotaro argues that they should keep this in mind. As for Adachi, he wants to give them something great since his chocolate has a heart-shaped nut inside it. Chihiro tells Moeko she should tell Adachi the truth, but Moeko insists on letting Adachi discover the truth for himself. The boys discuss what they should get the girls and Kyotaro informs them that a girl gave him chocolate personally. 

Adachi’s irritated by this development. He and Kyotaro wander the school grounds and discuss Adachi’s White Day concerns. The two stumble upon Haruya and Adachi suggests they ask Haruya for advice. Kyotaro throws shade Haruya’s way but Adachi keeps chatting with Haruya, hoping to get helpful tips. 

Haruya says it’s challenging for boys and girls to know each other. Kyotaro shares his opinion on the matter, making Adachi panic. Adachi asks Haruya for gift ideas and he says they should get their girls some lingerie. Adachi thanks Haruya for advice and Kyotaro tells Adachi that can learn more from him than Haruya. 

Sensing tension between Kyotaro and Haruya, Adachi departs. Before Kyotaro heads home, Yamada notices Kyotaro. She calls out his name and waves to him. Kyotaro waves back and before Haruya can wave at Yamada, Kyotaro stops him and starts waving crazily. Yamada shuts the window, leaving Haruya and Kyotaro alone. 

Before Kyotaro tells Haruya that he likes Yamada, Yamada arrives and pulls Kyotaro aside. The episode ends with Haruya watching Yamada and Kyotaro walk home together. 

The Episode Review

After revisiting Yamada’s home with the girls, this episode delves deep into the companionship between Yamada and Kyotaro. From start to finish, this episode will fill viewers with immense glee and astonishment with its gorgeous visuals, tense story beats, and lovely sound design. Previous episodes had great visuals, but you can tell Shin-Ei Studios put a lot of effort into this one. 

Having said that, Hina Youmiya, Yamada’s Japanese voice actress, deserves praise for bringing Yamada’s character to life in this episode. From Yamada’s mannerisms to her conversations with others, one will truly feel like they’re in the room with this character, especially during this chapter’s park scene.

Additionally, this episode indicates that Yamada does have feelings for Kyotaro. However, like our short lad, she has trouble conveying those feelings to him in meaningful ways. Many people who’ve been in Kyotaro or Yamada’s shoes before will understand where they’re coming from since opening up to someone you truly love can be a difficult task. 

Hopefully, with this beautifully done chocolate exchange and hug between the two, we’ll get to see them become a couple sooner rather than later. Coupled with the scenario of Kyotaro putting Haruya in his place, this was a marvelous one to sit through. I’m thrilled to see what the future holds for this adorable pair. 

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