The Dangers In My Heart – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

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Episode 8 of The Dangers In My Heart begins with Yamada flaunting her above-average grades to Kobayashi. Kyotaro helps Kobayashi with her math homework. Yamada’s jealous that Kyotaro never tutored her. Kobayashi tells Yamada that parent-teacher conferences are coming up. She tells Yamada she should consider studying harder. Kobayashi recognizes Kyotaro’s mathematical knowledge and says she knows he’s part of the school’s Data Processing Club.

Kobayashi tells Kyotaro that Yamada told her and says she’s been talking about him a lot lately. Yamada says she likes to talk about many people, while Kyotaro thinks Yamada brings him up in conversations to belittle him. Kobayashi admits Yamada can be weird at times and gives an example involving her using ice cream to get some whipped cream off her face. Later, Kyotaro notices Adachi getting scolded by his mother. He’s worried about his appointment with his mother and teacher. Kyotaro sees Yamada and her mother sitting next to his mother.

Yamada overhears Kyotaro’s mother talking about him and realizes who she is. Yamada’s happy and nervous to discuss things with Kyotaro’s mother. His mom tells her that Kyotaro’s been telling her that he’s been liking school a lot lately. Kyotaro’s mother gives Yamada a throat lozenge while Yamada hands her a piece of candy from her pocket. After their conference. Kyotaro doesn’t want anyone spotting him with his mother. His mother’s proud of him for participating more in class and says she exchanged candies with a stunning girl. Meanwhile, Yamada trails behind them.

His mother asks him if she knows who he’s talking about, and Kyotaro says “Yamada.|” Yamada walks past them and is just as embarrassed as Kyotaro. Kyotaro and Yamada discuss Yamada’s encounter with his mother in the library the following day. After asking him embarrassing questions about his mother, Kyotaro reminds Yamada about her homework. Yamada says Kobayashi’s been taking extra lessons at home and asks Kyotaro if he could tutor her. Kyotaro accepts, and the school’s librarian greets them. Kyotaro panics because he spots Yamada’s lozenge on the table and doesn’t want the librarian to discover food in the library.

He tells Yamada to hide the throat drop. Later, Kyotaro rides home in the rain and spots Yamada with an umbrella. He tells Yamada he forgot his raincoat, so Yamada places a bag on his head. Kyotaro tells Yamada that he doesn’t want the bag. Yamada puts her belongings in his bike’s basket and sits on his bike’s backseat. She plans to protect him from the rain with her umbrella. Kyotaro says it could be dangerous for him to ride with her on his bike in the rain. Yamada agrees and lets him ride alone. Kyotaro reaches his home and notices Yamada’s belongings in his basket. Kyotaro rushes to the station and gives her stuff to her.

Kyotaro returns home and looks through Yamada’s Instagram profile. He spots a picture of her holding two pieces of food and wonders if she’s seeing someone because of the specific items he found in Yamada’s belongings before he returned them. Kyotaro wakes up and learns he has a fever. He watches television and stays home. Kyotaro hears his doorbell and learns Yamada’s waiting outside. He rushes out and speaks with her. Yamada hands him some food they received at school today and apologizes for stopping him in the rain.

Kyotaro tells her to pay it no mind. Before Yamada leaves, Kyotaro asks her to come inside for some tea. Yamada asks if anyone’s home and Kyotaro says his mother works part-time. Kyotaro prepares tea for Yamada but notices he’s not wearing proper clothing. He excuses himself to his room, but faints before he can put something on. Yamada notices the tea’s finished but worries about Kyotaro’s health. She sees him lying on the ground in his room. Yamada helps him into his bed and dresses him up in warm clothes. Kyotaro wonders if he’s dreaming, and the two hug. Kyotaro wakes up and sees his sister looming over him.

His sister shows him the cream Yamada gave him before Kyotaro invited her inside. His sister hands Kyotaro Yamada’s note. Kyotaro overcomes his fever the following day, and his mother tells him she spotted Yamada yesterday. Kyotaro bumps into Yamada and learns she’s having throat issues. Yamada asks him if he’s feeling better and remembers anything from yesterday. Kobayashi bumps into them and learns of Yamada’s cold. The episode concludes with Yamada looking at Kyotaro as he walks away.

The Episode Review

Kyotaro and Yamada’s bond continues to tease and warm the hearts of weekly audiences. While it doesn’t hold as much emotional impact as the previous chapter, this one delivered more wholesome and intimate bits that will leave viewers giggling and smiling. From Yamada’s interactions with Kyotaro’s mother to her assisting him in his room when he’s ill, there’s a lot here to make anyone happy.

At the same time, it was a little cruel on Kyotaro’s part to have disgust for his mother. Considering he’s thoughtful and caring, you’d expect him to view his mother fondly. Having him speak ill of her may rub some folks the wrong way. That said, it’d be great to see his familial relationship with his mother explored more to give viewers an understanding as to why he resents her.

Furthermore, many might be curious to peer into Yamada’s life with her family. Based on what we know of her mother, she’s caring but can be stern when she wants to be. Considering we receive a chapter of Yamada entering Kyotaro’s household, it makes sense for Kyotaro to wind up in hers. Nevertheless, I hope the anime explores both protagonists’ families more.

In conclusion, this was a great episode with excellent drama, tension, and intimate situations. The more time passes, the stronger Kyotaro and Yamada’s connection becomes. It feels like it’d be impossible for the anime to introduce a contender for their love. I’m excited to see what else The Dangers In My Heart offers.

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