The Dangers In My Heart – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Karte #6: I Melted It

Episode 6 of The Dangers In My Heart starts with Kyotaro asking Yamada to take a seat until the next train arrives. To calm Yamada down, Kyotaro buys her some milk tea. He tells Yamada that he’s to blame for them getting split up from the group.

On the train, Yamada and Kyotaro discuss relationships, where the former feels the best relationships are secretive ones. The two reunite with Kobayashi and the others, where Kobayashi apologizes to Yamada for leaving her behind.

At home, Kyotaro discusses his grievances with his workplace visit group to his family. Kyotaro’s sister acknowledges he’s been having more fun at school lately.

Kyotaro bumps into Yamada at school. She gives him a few manga volumes of Kimi-iro Octave, while Yamada tells Kyotaro she’ll be leaving early from school today, so she wants to give it to him. Kyotaro informs the audience that Yamada tends to leave early or stay home from school for work reasons while reading something in the library. Yamada arrives and demands Kyotaro read the book. They get into a scuffle, leading to another intimate moment between them.

Embarrassed, Kyotaro asks Yamada if she’ll be in school tomorrow. Yamada says she’ll be attending school and leaves. Kyotaro realizes he’s enjoying school and reads to Kimi-iro at home. Adachi spots Kyotaro talking with Yamada about manga so he approaches Kyotaro afterward and asks him about his close connection with her. He asks if Yamada has a boyfriend and not to let anyone know he asked about it. Kyotaro tells Adachi he doesn’t know. Adachi switches the discussion over to something sexual, angering Kyotaro.

Kyotaro leaves and questions if his feelings for Yamada are real or fake. He finds her startled in the library because someone posted a warning not to eat there. Kyotaro starts narrowing down people who know Yamada eats in the library, but Yamada says it’s best to ask the librarian about the sign.

The librarian shows Yamada and Kyotaro a Honey Drop wrapper she found in the library. She feels it’s best to have a sign in there since most people tend not to follow the rules unless they see it written for them.

Kyotaro and Yamada return to the library. Kyotaro’s worried that Yamada won’t stop by anymore now that she’s lost a reason to. Yamada pulls out chocolates and says she’ll continue to eat here despite the sign. Kyotaro spots the librarian and grabs Yamada’s hand to avoid the librarian finding out about Yamada’s chocolates. Afterward, Kyotaro realizes the chocolate melted in Yamada’s hands. Yamada tells him to go away, and Kyotaro tells Yamada it might be best for her to lay off the snacks before leaving.

Kyotaro returns to the library the following day and spots Yamada working on homework. Kyotaro spots chocolate underneath her notebook. Yamada promises she’s laid off on a third of her snacks. Kyotaro asks Yamada who’d think about throwing food away in the library.

Yamada brings up the moment when she gave Kyotaro a bag of chips in the first episode. However, Kyotaro says he never threw it away. The episode concludes with Yamada asking Kyotaro what he did with the bag.

The Episode Review

The Dangers In My Heart has been swinging hard and getting in some excellent shots with these episodes. Kyotaro and Yamada’s relationship continues to hold attention thanks to their equally awkward behaviors and intimate interactions. From Yamada waiting for Kyotaro at the front gate to Kyotaro clenching her hand to hide her chocolate, I can’t help but feel invested in their growth.

Adachi continues to be a pain to deal with though. Although his conversation holds some merit, I can’t but feel like his rowdy urges hamper The Danger In My Heart’s wholesome qualities. Nevertheless, many will likely tolerate his sexual chatter since it’s leading Kyotaro down a path many people can get behind.

It brings up an idea that many people could relate to, even if they don’t want to outright confirm it with others. The animation and music in this chapter were phenomenal. It elevated the tense scenarios and made them feel impactful. Shin-Ei Animation and Kensuke Ushio deserve a pat on the back for their work on this series so far.

Kyotaro and Yamada continue getting into situations that feel realistic, refined, and heartwarming. Hopefully, the series continues building upon these characters and the side cast to deliver a show that’s unforgettable and cherished for years to come.

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